26 Common Problems PR Pros Face and the Vendors Who Can Solve Them

At least once a week someone asks me “My organization uses XYZ vendor but I’m not getting the metrics I need. Any suggestions?”

Sadly, in the media measurement world the level of confusion is directly proportional to the number of highly incentivized sales people beating down the door. Every solution seems to have a million different “levels” or “plans” to fit any budget. And you have to submit to a 30-minute sales call just to find out which category you actually fit into. Then the plan meets all your needs but its more than you budgeted. Which is why we wrote our vendor guide. In it you’ll learn how to pick the perfect vendor to solve the problems you have. In it you’ll learn how to:

  • Find the right solution that will provide the metrics you space need.
  • Decide on a budget
  • Make sure you are getting the media outlets that matter to your audience
  • Take advantage of trial offers

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If you’re trying to sort through the myriad measurement vendors out there, you need to start with the problem you are trying to solve. Which is why we created this guide to 24 Problems and the Vendors that solve them.

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