I wonder how Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, or others would have felt if we always referred to “George Washington’s Declaration of Independence?” I bet they’d feel a lot like those of us in the measurement field  who have volunteered for years to craft best practices and standards did yesterday when we got the following email :

Nasdaq Media Intelligence and Ragan Communications have partnered to bring you expert insight from thought leaders on PR measurement best practices. First up in our video series, Ketchum’s David Rockland—creator of the Barcelona Principles—

For the record, David Rockland was one of a large team of communications and research  professionals called the IPR Measurement Commission that collaborated with other international groups  to create the Barcelona Principles. You can read more of the story here: Just as the Declaration of Independence and other significant efforts are always the results of numerous people, no single individual was or ever will be “the creator of the Barcelona Principles.”


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