Customized Enterprise Measurement Skills Training

Katie Paine working with clients

Our customized online measurement skills training program is designed around your organization's needs. Each element needed to bring your measurement program to the next level and into compliance with industry standards is customized to meet the specific requirements of your organization, industry, and marketplace.

We begin with a customized survey that you can administer to your team and management to determine what they see as the goals and objectives for your program. The survey also serves as an audit of current measurement practices and programs.

Once we have a good understanding of your organization's needs and expectations around measure, we conduct an interactive workshop on measurement to bring  all team members up to speed on the current standards and best practices in the field of measurement. The workshop will be taught by Katie Delahaye Paine. Included in the workshop is a copy of Katie Delahaye Paine’s book on measurement:  Measure What Matters. Customized Online Training Programs begin at $5,000

On Site Metrics Development and Consensus-Building Workshop

Katie Paine with group members

Ever since social media emerged as a significant part of the communications and marketing mix, organizations have been trying to figure out where social media fits into their communications measurement spectrum.

If you've been asked questions like:
"Do you measure social and traditional the same way?"
"Do you integrate the two?"
"How do I measure engagement?"
"Is there a standard measure for 'Influence?'”
"How do I show ROI?"
"What’s the best dashboard?"

Then you're in luck because this on-site measurement development workshop is designed to give you those answers.

Too often the CFO has one set of priorities, the CMO another, and the CEO yet a third. Ultimately it comes down to defining “kicking butt”  -- as in when the boss comes in and says “we’re getting our butt kicked,” or “congratulations,  you kicked butt today.”In her more than two decades of experience, Katie Delahaye Paine has helped countless organizations achieve consensus around their definitions of success.

Sometimes you need marketing mix modeling to get to the answers, sometimes it’s as easy as Google Analytics. Mostly it's about aligning your departmental goals with what makes the customer act. This training program will not only provide answers to your measurement questions, but will also ensure that your departmental goals are in alignment with the business goals for your organization. This is a hands-on, on-site workshop that will provide a framework to develop metrics for your social media program. It will include:

  • Why it’s the end of the Measurement World as We Know It
  • Dispelling the Myths of Social Media
  • Dispelling the Myths of Measurement
  • How to develop your Kick Butt Index – the first step to accountability
  • How to get consensus around your KBIs and KPIs
  • Overview of the principles of measurement
  • Defining measurable objectives
  • Pinpointing the audience
  • Defining the benchmark
  • Measuring outputs, outtakes, and outcomes
  • Integrating different measures
  • How to select the right measurement tools
  • Overview of tools
  • Tools for measuring your relationships
  • Tools for measuring your reputation
  • Tools for measuring engagement
  • Tools for measuring influence
  • What to do with the data when you have it

Pricing for on-site workshops starts at $2,500.

 Measurement Base Camp

Measurement Base Camp is an 8-week online course in all aspects of measurement. Click here for full details.