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Customized Enterprise Measurement Skills Training

Our customized online measurement skills training program is designed around your organization’s needs. Each element needed to bring your measurement program to the next level and into compliance with industry standards is customized to meet the specific requirements of your organization, industry, and marketplace.

We begin with a customized survey that you can administer to your team as well as leadership to determine what they see as the goals and objectives for your program. The survey also serves as an audit of current measurement practices and programs.

Once we have a good understanding of your organization’s needs and expectations around measurement, we conduct an interactive workshop to bring  all team members up to speed on the current standards and best practices in the field of measurement. The workshop will be taught by Katie Delahaye Paine.  Customized Online Training Programs begin at $5,000

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On Site Metrics Development and Consensus-Building Workshop

Ever since social media emerged as a significant part of the communications and marketing mix, organizations have been trying to figure out where social media fits into their communications measurement...

The Best Vendors to Solve 26 Common Communications Measurement Problems, 2023 Version

Our Measurement Vendor Selection Guide begins below. It is designed to be used along with Paine Publishing’s: 8 Quick Tips for Finding the Perfect Communications Measurement Vendor Checklist for Picking...

How to Measure the Success of DE&I Efforts

In 2020, as the pandemic and the murder of George Floyd brought social inequities into sharp focus, almost every public-facing company made grand promises to become more diverse, equal, and...

The Challenge of Measuring Trust: Learn How Marathon Oil, Microsoft and Georgia-Pacific Do It

Meg Fligg, Director of Communications and Public Relations for Georgia-Pacific The third and final day of Paine Publishing’s 2020 Summit on the Future of Communications Measurement, October 8th, was devoted...

SCR and CSA: What COVID Taught Us About Employee Communications

This year the Summit was virtual. The second day of Paine Publishing’s 2020 Summit on the Future of Communications Measurement, October 7th, was devoted to measuring the impact of CSR...

Purpose-driven Campaigns: Lessons from the Front Lines

Carol Cone presents on Day 1 of the 2020 Summit on the Future of Communications Measurement. The first day of Paine Publishing’s 2020 Summit on the Future of Communications Measurement,...

“What is PR worth?”

So your boss or your board is asking, “What is PR worth? What’s the value of doing all this PR (or social media or events or internal comms)? How do...

Reimagining the Skill Set of a Professional Communicator: 7 Vital Skills for Your Future

  Wanted: Professional Communicator To Start in 2021 — Must be resilient and  flexible, and patient with others who are less so. Must be facile with finance and a superstar...

Strategies to Survive and Thrive in the Next Normal

In math, a derangement is a permutation in which no element ends up in its original position. Not only does Covid-19 cause a hemostatic derangement in patients, it’s causing a...

Research Is the Communicator’s PPE—and the Fastest Way Back to the New Normal

Major organizations have known for years that, in times of great change and uncertainty, survival goes to those with the most data and information. If you’re wondering why you’ve been...

Sincerity, Transparency, and Technology Are Your Best Options to Manage a Crisis

Given that we’re putting this edition together in the middle of a major crisis, we thought it might be a good idea to add a second installment to one of...

For Employees, It’s Not Just What You Say, It’s How You Say It

Many organizations are waking up to the fact that internal communications is not only equally as important as external, but that it is as much a core competency of successful...

Significant Measurement Industry Milestones of the Last 30 Years

This article discusses the development of five major trends in the communication measurement industry.  It is a companion to “Katie Paine’s Three Decades of Communication Measurement History,” which traces the...

The 4 Most Dastardly Measurement Supervillains of the Last 30 Years

Over the past 33 years we’ve paid tribute to a lot of Measurement Menaces of the Month. Many of them were not much more than malingerers, guilty of measurement misdemeanors...

Crisis Measurement for the Crisis You Avoided

We've all been there: The reporter calls and says they’re working on the one story you dread the most. For me, it was the local editor of Business Week. He...
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