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Customized Enterprise Measurement Skills Training

Our customized online measurement skills training program is designed around your organization’s needs. Each element needed to bring your measurement program to the next level and into compliance with industry standards is customized to meet the specific requirements of your organization, industry, and marketplace.

We begin with a customized survey that you can administer to your team as well as leadership to determine what they see as the goals and objectives for your program. The survey also serves as an audit of current measurement practices and programs.

Once we have a good understanding of your organization’s needs and expectations around measurement, we conduct an interactive workshop to bring  all team members up to speed on the current standards and best practices in the field of measurement. The workshop will be taught by Katie Delahaye Paine.  Customized Online Training Programs begin at $5,000

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Join us online for Measurement Base Camp Winter 2024, our online training course in research, measurement and evaluation.

To help individuals prepare and manage these hurdles and more, Paine Publishing offers Measurement Base Camp—an intensive online course that covers all things measurement.

The Best Vendors to Solve 26 Common Communications Measurement Problems, 2023 Version

By Katie Paine / May 25, 2023 Our Measurement Vendor Selection Guide begins below. It is designed to be used along with Paine Publishing’s: 8 Quick Tips for Finding the Perfect Communications Measurement...
Courses, Workshops

Google Analytics 4 for PR & Communications

Our new course is designed around the needs of communications professionals who need to improve their metrics and want to use GA4 to show their value.
Training Guides and Ebooks

Measurement Education Flowchart

Have you ever struggled with how to start or continue your PR and social media measurement education? Relax, now you can use our new measurement education flowchart to guide you!...
Training Guides and Ebooks

50 Shades of PR ROI

After more than three decades of measuring public relations, social media, and communications, Katie Delahaye Paine has answered the question "What's this stuff worth?" more times than she can count....
Training Guides and Ebooks

Communications Measurement Handbook for Higher Education

Whether you're under pressure to cut budgets, or just trying to navigate the new normal, every marketing and communications executive at a college, university, community college, graduate school, conservatory, institute...
Training Guides and Ebooks

Completed Guide to Integrated Communications Measurement Dashboards

The Integrated Communications Measurement Dashboard eBook is designed for communications professionals who want to see all their metrics in one place. A dashboard that provides a single source of truth...
Training Guides and Ebooks

Measurement 101 Course-in-a-Box

The Measurement 101 Course-in-a-Box contains everything you need to transform from being a measurement neophyte into a Measurement Maven! If you’re a professor, you can assign our Measurement 101 Course-in-a-Box and rest assured...
Training Guides and Ebooks

Measurement 101 Course-in-a-Box for Professors

Like all of our measurement education products, Measurement 101 Course-in-a-Box for Professors comes with our Lifetime Content Warranty. This means that when we update the content (as new tools and...
Training Guides and Ebooks

Measurement 101 for Nonprofits

Measurement 101 for Nonprofits provides individuals the knowledge and tools they need to make data-informed decisions. If you're not measuring the impact of various communications efforts, how will you know...
Training Guides and Ebooks

Social Media Measurement 101

Better yet, these pages include access to checklists, a Vendor Selection Chart (with links to vendor websites), printable worksheets, invitations to monthly Measurement Hours, and much more.
Training Guides and Ebooks

The DMO’s Ticket to Barcelona Principles Compliance

Measuring the effectiveness of your travel & tourism organization's PR and social media efforts is now a whole lot easier (and more accurate). So...are you on board? Your journey starts with a simple step:...

Detailed Measurement 101 Workshop

Hands on skills for tying your communications results to the bottom line For years, PR people have focused on activities not outcomes. The result of these over-inflated metrics is that...

How to Write a Fabulous Media Measurement Report in Four Hours or Less

By Katie Paine, CEO, Paine Publishing As I’ve said before, the key to great reports is to use the data to tell a story. But teasing that story out of...

How to Break up with Impressions: 4 Alternative Metrics that Really Matter

Impressions are most definitely not part of the future of measurement. That’s why we’ve updated this popular step-by-step guide on how to give them the boot. This article is part of our...
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