In the most recent issue of The Measurement Advisor we inaugurated a new series called “You’re Never Wrong You’re Just Early,” in which we dig through thirty years of measurement to find some forgotten and perhaps overlooked gems of wisdom. Today we discovered the recordings of the first two Measurement Summits, held in Durham, New Hampshire in 2003 and 2004.

The Measurement Summits were (and still are) amazing gatherings of the true Measurement Mavens — Academics, corporate communicators, agencies and researchers who were doing best-in-class measurement. More than a decade ago, they were already tying PR to cost efficiency and business value. Many of those who gathered at The New England Center in Durham, New Hampshire in those days went on to create The Barcelona Principles and the Standards for Measurement.

_MG_7605We’ll be posting more on these programs, but for today I wanted to share what I consider my best reward for dusting off my old VHS and cassette decks to listen to all 16 hours of them. Today’s segment is from the final session at which the gathered Measurati were asked what THEY thought was “the future of measurement.”  Unfortunately I can’t find all the names of all the voices, but some of the voices are unmistakable, starting with this quote, from one of the best Measurement advocates in history, Don Bartholomew, known to most of us at @donbart or MetricsMan. Lets all heed his advice.


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