The number one time I actually feel like that “new girl” is when I’m driving around town in New Hampshire. As a former resident of Virginia, my license plate is the first to give away my secret. But, as I like to tell people who politely ask how I’m adjusting, I simply reply: “So far, so good.”

ootd late Nov 2014

That response is an understatement.

I officially started working for Paine Publishing at the beginning of February. My relocation was a bit stalled thanks to the insane amounts of snow that Juno brought upon the Northeast. Oddly enough, the first time I met Katie it was about 80+ degrees, horribly humid, and we were in different states. Let me explain:

In December I finished my undergraduate studies in Strategic Advertising at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. That summer, in order to expedite my graduation, I signed up for a class called “Social Media Campaigns.” However, it turned out to be much more than a typical course. Why? My small group was assigned The Conclave on Social Media Measurement Standards as our client (and Katie as our contact). Additionally, half of my classmates were exchange students from Iraq.

Since Katie was located in New Hampshire, we relied on Skype and daily emails to discuss goals, ideas, and strategies. By the end of the four weeks, we had created a new website for The Conclave, a logo, and various social media accounts with new content posted daily. Better yet, our group achieved 5 more pledges of supports to the Standards which equated to an increase of eleven percent.

A few months into my final semester at VCU, I reached out to Katie and asked if she knew of anyone hiring new graduates. I was pleasantly surprised when she emailed me back saying that her publishing company was looking for a Marketing & Analytics Assistant. One crucial requirement was that I relocate to New Hampshire. And guess what? I thought “Why not? It’ll be an adventure!” (My gut told me the move would be worth it.)

Even though it’s March and I’ve only been working at Paine Publishing for one month, I have some breaking news for you: my gut was correct. Though I’ve had to learn how to drive in snow, dress in layers for warmth’s sake (versus fashion’s sake), and speak without saying “y’all” (a personal choice), I couldn’t have asked for a better job. Katie’s property (known as Shankhassick Farm) is where our office is located and it’s welcoming, beautiful, and lively. As I like to tell family and friends, this job is the perfect combination of left and right brain activities. Plus I get to work for Katie who is clearly not only a wonderful person, but a wonderful thought-leader as well. I literally wake up each morning earlier than I need to, not just because I might have to shovel snow, but because I am excited for work.

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