I don’t subscribe to many email newsletters, but there is one sender I’m fond of: WhichTestWon. Here is a quick story about one of their modest emails helped me do my job better.

Last week I came across a particular email focused around answering:  Does a persistent bar that moves as visitors scroll help or hinder conversions?

Now for those of you unfamiliar with WhichTestWon, not only does each email pose a question, but it lets you take a test to see if what “your gut” tells you is correct. Then after you submit your answer, they tell you how it lined up with the testing they conducted.

Short story made shorter: My answer was wrong. The fact is persistent bars that move as visitors scroll help conversions (just in case you were wondering).

So what did I do? I took that knowledge and I implemented a change. Now, as you will see, our blog posts and articles from The Measurement Advisor have a persistent moving bar that scrolls as readers scroll.

Now when I look at the social share bar I have complete confidence in its setup. Plus if someone were to ask me to justify why it scrolls with users all I’d have to do is point the in the direction of WhichTestWon’s analysis.



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  • WhichTestWon

    So great to hear we’re inspiring you and helping you do your job better! We’d also suggest testing the persistent scrolling share bar on your specific website with your specific audience. The results of this test worked best for mobile viewers on an Australian news site. But, the same results might not necessarily hold true with a North American audience primarily browsing on a desktop platform. That’s why we recommend: test, test, test!

    Hope to continue helping inspire your future tests.

    Deborah and the team at WhichTestWon.com

    • Erinn Larson

      Hi Deborah,

      Yes, “test, test, test” is definitely one of our mantras 🙂
      Thanks again to you and all your team members for the great insights!