2022 Measurement Summit on the Future of  Communications  Measurement

On October 6th & 7th 2022 Paine Publishing will welcome some of the world’s most respected communications professionals to a  high-level conversation about the future of communications measurement.

This year our theme is Attribution, Technology and the Future of Communications Measurement. Increasingly, professional communicators are being asked to show their attribution (and/or contribution) to business and revenue goals. Attendees will learn from senior level communicators and technology experts who have been tying results to business goals for years. You'll hear stories about how technological  developments like AI and tools like Google's new GA4 are being used to show communications contribution to the bottom line.

This year’s Summit will be again be virtual and all registered attendees will get full access to all the presentations and discussions. 

Attend this year's Summit, and you'll  come away knowing:

  • How predictive AI is helping communications professionals to make smarter decisions
  • How Encoded Therapeutics uses  a best-in-class measurement program to show your contribution to the bottom line
  • How to define and measure attribution
  • How LinkedIn measures results
  • How Publicis Sapient shows communication's impact on client growth
  • and much more…

And, if you can’t join us live, all registered attendees will get full access to all the presentations and discussions, as well as the “Measurement Summit Welcome Box.” This year’s Summit on the Future of Measurement is presented by Converseon 

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As pioneers in machine learning, Converseon recognized that over the last several years, the term “AI”  has become pervasive and overused; in many cases the promise has underdelivered on the potential. The result: too many blacks boxes, making decisions which we do not understand and worse, not very effective in many cases.

With over a decade of experience in machine learning, we know what works and what doesn’t. We have forged together the ideal balance between human intelligence and technology. Converseon utilizes an applied AI approach that focuses on practical problem solving and continued human in the loop augmented intelligence; together with enhanced filtering and classification and a broad and deep array of data sources.

Converseon’s innovation has helped fuel the maturity of the industry and is tangibly demonstrated in our own evolution as the world continues to transition from basic social listening to true decision intelligence.

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Fullintel combines best-in-class technology with expert content curation to deliver the most relevant, cost optimized media intelligence services possible. Our analysts curate print, online, social media, broadcast, and influencer content in real time – compiled by technology, supplemented and verified by humans. Where technology alone fails, your dedicated analyst has you covered. Fullintel has offices in Cambridge, Mass., Ottawa, Ont. and Nagercoil, India.

The History of the Summit on the Future of Measurement

In 2003, many of us in the communications measurement field were wondering what the future would hold. Computerized measurement was taking center stage, measurement systems were proliferating and blogs were the hot new thing.  To answer these burning questions, I invited all the Measurement Mavens I knew to Durham, New Hampshire for a two-day conference at which we could debate the future of measurement. To my great surprise, about 50 of them showed up,  and their answers were recorded.

Over the years, the Summit grew and we turned it over to the IPR Measurement Commission which was much better prepared to manage an event that eventually attracted over 100 people each year. In 2016 Paine Publishing will once again be producing the Summit on the Future of Communications Measurement in Durham, New Hampshire.

To see pictures from previous Summits, visit our Facebook page.