sontfocm-web-300The History

In 2003, many of us in the communications measurement field were wondering what the future would hold. Computerized measurement was taking center stage, measurement systems were proliferating and blogs were the hot new thing.  To answer these burning questions, I invited all the Measurement Mavens I knew to Durham, New Hampshire for a two-day conference at which we could debate the future of measurement. To my great surprise, about 50 of them showed up,  and their answers were recorded.

Over the years, the Summit grew and we turned it over to the IPR Measurement Commission which was much better prepared to manage an event that eventually attracted over 100 people each year.  This year, we're pleased to announce that Paine Publishing will once again be producing the Summit on the Future of Communications Measurement.

The Plan for This Year

The 2021 Summit on the Future of Communications Measurement will be held October 5th, 6th and 7th 2021. It will be held both virtually as well as in person here at Shankhassick Farm in Durham, NH.

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