What is a Measurement Maven?

A Measurement Maven is an individual or an organization who is exemplary in how they execute communications measurement regardless of their title and what type of organization they work for. Each Measurement Maven has a unique story which is why we dedicate an article to them in The Measurement Advisor; plus, they receive a certificate signed by our very own CEO and measurement guru, Katie Paine.

Who are Paine Publishing’s Measurement Mavens?

Katie Paine has been bestowing the Measurement Maven award for over a decade. The table below includes only the Mavens awarded since the founding of Paine Publishing in 2013. To see a list of the other Measurement Mavens prior to Paine Publishing’s establishment, click here.

NameDate awardedOrganizationLink to story
Katie ColdwellOctober 2016Southwest Airlinescoming soon!
Denise OffuttSeptember 2016EpsonRead the story.
Kathleen BuczkoSeptember 2016EpsonRead the story.
Jim FetigSeptember 2016Georgia TechRead the story.
Danielle BrigidaSeptember 2016U.S. Fish & Wildlife ServiceRead the story.
Antonia AntonopoulosSeptember 2016UNICEFRead the story.
Cindy VillafrancaMay 2016Southwest AirlinesRead her story.
Cyrus ShickJanuary 2016Hillary for New HampshireRead his story.
Sharon McIntoshNovember 2015And Then CommunicationsRead her story.
Mary MillerOctober 2015MillerCommsRead her story.
The new members of the IPR Measurement Commission August 2015(Various organizations, read their story for full details)Read their story.
Elizabeth Fry & Martin GourgueJune 2015NATORead their story.
Mark WeinerMay 2015PRIME ResearchRead his story.
Atlantic City AllianceMeasurement Maven of the Year (2014)Atlantic City AllianceRead their story,
Michael ZivianiDecember 2014Precise ValueRead his story.
Ann Knabe, Jason Hasbrouch, and Karin DrinkhallNovember 2014Air Force, Air Force, Army (respectively)Read their story.
Andrew BowinsJune 2014MasterCardRead his story.
Mario JoannetteApril 2014 Joseph Brant HospitalRead his story.
Brady WoodFebruary 2014Niagara Health SystemRead his story.
Melanie Sole & Jeff GuaracinoDecember 2013Atlantic City AllianceRead their story,