Your tutorial to becoming and/or managing the person who makes the most of an organization’s data: the Measurement Sherpa.

This digital download includes the following sections:

  1. How to hire & manage a Measurement Sherpa
    Sherpa package cover
  2. Introducing the Measurement Sherpa
    • 10 Signs you need a Measurement Sherpa
    • What a Measurement Sherpa Does
    • Where to find your Measurement Sherpa
    • How to get the best from your Measurement Sherpa
  3. Begin the Climb: How to start your journey to the Measurement Summit
    • 6 reasons why you want to become a Measurement Sherpa
    • The first steps you need to take towards becoming a Measurement Sherpa
    • Critical equipment that every Measurement Sherpa must have
  4. Basic Training for Measurement Sherpas 
    • 6 books that should be in every Measurement Sherpa's library
    • Dos and don'ts for reporting web & social media analytics
    • Commonly confused PR & social media measurement terms
  5. Advanced Skills Every Sherpa Must Master
    • How to budget for a measurement project
    • 6 keys to managing an RFP process
    • How to conduct a data validity/accuracy test
    • How to calculate cost-benefit analysis
    • How to search a database for obvious errors
    • Know where to find stuff in a hurry
  6. Sherpas in Action
    • Profiles of 3 Measurement Sherpas
  7. Supporting tools & references
    • Vendor Evaluation Form
    • Vendor RFP Questionnaire for Traditional Media
    • Vendor RFP Questionnaire for Social Media
    • Definitions & explanations of commonly confused measurement termslifetime content warranty seal

Like all of our measurement education products, the Measurement Sherpa's Essentials Tutorial comes with our Lifetime Content Warranty. This means that when we update the content (as new tools and techniques become available), you will have the opportunity to receive an updated version at no additional charge.

All for only $27!


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