Whether you're under pressure to cut budgets, or just trying to navigate the new normal, every marketing and communications executive at a college, university, community college, graduate school, conservatory, institute of technology, and executive education program needs this eBook now!

The Communications Measurement Handbook for Higher Education provides practical, detailed guidance on how marketers and communications professionals can use metrics to improve their programs. It covers everything from a simple checklist to begin the measurement process to comprehensive guidance on how to analyze results. Other topics include:

  • How to put a value on your results
  • Examples of higher ed institutions have demonstrated success
  • How to Budget for Measurement
  • How to Pick the Right Social Listening Vendor
  • How to Spot Dirty Data and Clean It Up

Click the image below for a peek inside!

lifetime content warranty sealLike all of our measurement education products, The Communications Measurement Handbook for Higher Ed comes with our Lifetime Content Warranty. This means that when we update the content (as new tools and techniques become available), you will have the opportunity to receive an updated version at no additional charge.

Available for $27!

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