Paine Publishing’s Barcelona Principles Compliance Tutorial is the perfect way to expand your understanding and application of modern-day, accurate communications measurement.

Barcelona Compliance Package image

This digital download consists of the following 4 sections:

1. Get Excited About Measurement Standards
2. Review Your Existing PR and Social Media Programs:Do They Meet the Standards?
3. How to Design New Standards-Compliant Programs
4. How to Explain Your New Measurement System to Your Boss in Under Two Minutes

Plus this tutorial comes with a printable checklist, so you can easily plan all your future standards-compliant measurement programs.lifetime content warranty seal

Like all of our measurement education products, the Barcelona Principles Compliance Tutorial comes with our Lifetime Content Warranty. This means that when we update the content (as new tools and techniques become available), you will have the opportunity to receive an updated version at no additional charge.

All for only $17!

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