Travel Package to Compliance

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Product Description


easuring the effectiveness of your travel and tourism public relations and social media programs is now a whole lot easier and more accurate. Paine Publishing’s Travel Package to Compliance is specifically designed to provide travel and tourism marketing professionals with tools and best practices for measuring their marketing communications. This package, as all Paine Publishing Packages, has been written by measurement guru Katie Paine, and is 100% personally guaranteed — or your money back.

It includes four separate downloadable pdf publications:

  1. Your Ticket to Success: Measure What Matters in Travel and Tourism in Six Easy Steps
    Katie Paine’s famous 7 Steps of Measurement, adapted to the travel and tourism industry.
  2. Measuring Travel and Tourism PR: 3 Real Life Case Studies
    Includes New Hampshire Grand’s calculations of the value of its efforts, putting a value on the state Presidential primary election, and how to value a visit from the President — all without using AVE.
  3. How to Leave AVEs Behind: 4 Ways to Calculate the Value of a Travel or Tourism Event Without Using AVE or EMV
    Includes: Using increase in awareness, increase in engagement with website, using an influence quality score, and ROI calculations.
  4. Travel and Tourism Measurement Checklist and Flowchart
    A step-by-step guide, beginning with defining objectives and ending with analyzing and reporting results.


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