Measurement is frequently seen as the communications equivalent of a colonoscopy. You know you have to do it, you dread it, but it’s never fun. But Paine Publishing is changing all that with our Measurement Base Camp — a one day workshop that brings together all the joys of a New Hampshire farm in the summertime with leading experts in the field to provide intensive training in the skills and techniques required to do good measurement.

Imagine a workshop that encourages you to go for a kayak tour before settling in for a day of learning. Pivot tables getting to be too much? Take a break and smell the roses — literally. 

Need a break from calculating goal conversions? Go feed some chickens. Measurement Base Camp takes place at Shankhassick Farm on the banks of the Oyster River in Durham, NH and attendees are encouraged to come early and stay late to hike, kayak, canoe or just join us in the traditional “Shankhassick Sunset Appreciation Moment.”

We are partnering with PRSA’s Yankee Chapter, so if you’re a PRSA member, take advantage of the discount. Attendance is limited so we can provide hands-on real-world training on everything you need to know to design, implement and run a standards-compliant measurement program. .

“It was one of the best conferences I have been to, and to walk out from a one-day session with actionable material is fantastic. The venue was amazing, the food was great, and the content was phenomenal.”

Stephanie Driscoll, Principal, Driscoll PR

The one-day Measurement Base Camp is devoted entirely to measurement education. Attendees will learn at least ten basic practical measurement skills and techniques, including how to:

  1. Define measurable goals and objectives
  2. Determine which program components need measurement and which don’t
  3. Define bespoke metrics that reflect one’s contribution to the bottom line
  4. Design, create and field survey research programs.
  5. Filter, clean up, and validate data
  6. Analyze data using various methods such as Excel Pivot Tables
  7. Calculate correlations between media outreach and customer action
  8. Use Google Analytics to measure impact
  9. Write a report that will make one’s leadership team swoon
  10. Craft an RFP and select a measurement vendor
  11. …and much, much more!

Measurement Base Camp  will be taught by Katie Paine, aka “Queen of Measurement” who has spent the last three decades helping organizations define success and execute measurement programs.

Joining Paine will be Heather Fysh, of Glean.Info who has been managing measurement programs for a decade and speaks SQL and Excel Pivot fluently. When the training turns to survey research we turn to Nate Laban, founder of Growth Survey Systems for his two decades of expertise in implementing best-in-class market research. If Google Conversions are confounding you – -we have the answer — Olga Torres is a master data scientist with extensive experience in Google Analytics, SEO and all things digital marketing.

Measurement Base Camp starts at 8:00 am and ends around 4:30 pm. A cocktail reception will follow. Attendance is limited to 25, so register here today!

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