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Paine Publishing Releases New Edition of Barcelona Compliance Tutorial

July 24, 2015 – Durham, NH

In conjunction with the five year anniversary of the adoption of the Barcelona Principles by major PR industry associations, Paine Publishing, LLC, the measurement education and consulting firm founded by Katie Delahaye Paine has released a new edition of its comprehensive training manual: “The Barcelona Compliance Principles Tutorial.”

The Barcelona Principles, developed jointly by the IPR, PRSA, CIPR, The Global Alliance, and AMEC, established six basic tenets of good PR measurement. Since then, despite widespread publicity, the PR industry has been slow to adopt the best practices they advocated. Paine believes that the problem is lack of practical guidance on how to implement Barcelona-compliant measurement programs. “The reality today is that there is widespread ignorance of how to actually implement good measurement. There are various tools, but the fundamental knowledge is lacking which is why we developed this tutorial,” explained Katie Delahaye Paine, CEO of Paine Publishing. “We’ve implemented dozens of Barcelona-compliant measurement programs for all kinds of companies from global pharmaceuticals, to non-profits, and government agencies. We took all that experience and turned it into a four-part course in good measurement practices.”

Paine Publishing’s Barcelona Principles Compliance Tutorial is geared towards communications professionals who value meaningful measurement and aim to implement an effective, standards-compliant measurement program of their own.

This tutorial consists of four downloadable parts and includes:

  • A 16-question Quiz To Assess Your Standards IQ
  • 6 Tangible Benefits of Bringing Your Program into Compliance
  • How to Assess and Repair Your Existing Measurement Programs
  • A Printable Checklist to Guide Best Practices and Compliance
  • How to Justify the New Measurement System to Your Boss in Under 2 Minutes

The Barcelona Principles Compliance Tutorial is available for $47 and can be purchased by visiting:

Paine Publishing, LLC is a New Hampshire-based consulting firm founded by Katie Delahaye Paine in 2013. Its mission is to train and advise individuals and organizations on how to measure their public relations, social media, and corporate communications efforts. Her company also publishes The Measurement Advisor, a bi-monthly newsletter for communications professionals which includes how-tos, tips, techniques, and news about all things measurement-related.