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Paine Publishing celebrates upcoming Measurement Week with new products, 24 hours of measurement answers and bribery

August 29, 2014 Durham, NH— Paine Publishing, LLC, is celebrating Measurement Week with a trifecta of new products, 24 hours of Measurement Answers and an offer of $50 to anyone willing to pledge to support the PR and Social Media Measurement Standards.

“I know in an election season we probably shouldn’t be buying votes, but you do what you have to do,” quipped Katie Delahaye Paine, who was a leading driver of The Conclave on Social Media Measurement Standards that wrote and published the first Measurement Standards for social media (

“The standards have been written, now we have to get everyone to adopt them,” Paine added.  Paine’s educational publishing site will take $50 off any sale if the buyer signs the pledge to support the standards.

In addition, Paine Publishing is announcing the release of its first comprehensive course in communications’ measurement, “The Measurement 101 Course in a Box.” The online multi-media course includes six videos, six accompanying lesson guides, a detailed bibliography and reference list, and a final exam. The course sells for $100, with academic discounts available. Information is available here:

“If we want to increase adoption of the new standards for PR and Social Media measurement we need to create more ‘measurement mavens,’” Paine explained, “This course is designed to do just that.”  The course is based on Paine’s 26 years of experience in the measurement field.

Finally, Paine Publishing joins in the celebration of Measurement Week by opening its “Ask Katie Paine Measurement Hour” to the world. Normally only available on a private subscription basis, on Monday September 15, anyone anywhere in the world has the opportunity to get all their measurement questions answered for free by The Queen of Measurement. Starting at Midnight EST on September 15, the Measurement Hours will occur every 6 hours, at Midnight, 6 am, Noon and 6 pm.  The discussions will take place on line via Skype call and are free to anyone who has a measurement question.

Paine Publishing ( is a New Hampshire based consulting firm, founded in 2013 to train and advise organizations and individuals on how to measure their public relations, social media and corporate communications efforts. It publishes The Measurement Advisor, a monthly newsletter that offers advice, tips and techniques on how to measure PR, Social Media and Communications efforts.

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