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 cropped compassMay 15, 2015 – Durham, NH— In response to the growing need for more trained data analysts, Paine Publishing LLC, the measurement education and consulting firm founded by Katie Delahaye Paine, has published a new measurement training package: “Measurement Sherpa Essentials – The Essential Guide To Becoming a Measurement Sherpa.”

“If we want to raise the bar on PR and social media measurement, we need to create more measurement experts, or as we like to call them: Measurement Sherpas,” explained Katie Delahaye Paine. According to Paine, a Measurement Sherpa is someone working within an organization to whom all things measurement, research, and analyses are delegated. “Too often, measurement gets dumped on a new hire who has little training in data analytics, or on a data geek who has a limited understanding of communications. The purpose of “Measurement Sherpa Essentials” is to help bridge that gap and bring that person up to speed on PR & communications measurement as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The e-book includes information on:

  • How To Budget for a Measurement Project
  • Definitions & Examples of Commonly Confused Measurement Terms
  • How to Hire & Manage a Measurement Sherpa
  • Critical Equipment Every Measurement Sherpa Must Have
  • Dos & Don’ts for Reporting Web & Social Media Analytics
  • 6 Keys to Managing an RFP Process (including Paine Publishing’s Exclusive Vendor Evaluation Form)
  • How To Make Sure Your Data is Valid & Accurate

The Measurement Sherpa Essentials e-book can be purchased for $47 by going to

Paine Publishing, LLC is a New Hampshire-based consulting firm, founded by Katie Delahaye Paine in 2013 to train and advise organizations and individuals on how to measure their public relations, social media, and corporate communications efforts. It publishes The Measurement Advisor, a bi-monthly newsletter that offers advice, tips, and techniques on how to measure PR, social media, and communications efforts.