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Communications Experts to Gather in New Hampshire this Fall to Shape the Future of Measurement: 14th Annual Summit on the Future of Communications Measurement Announced


Summit venue, Shankhassick Farm, is pictured above

August 25, 2017 – Durham, New Hampshire – As they have for many years, experts in communications measurement and evaluation will come together this fall in New Hampshire to share work experiences and ideas on where the practice and industry are headed. This year’s Summit on the Future of Communications Measurement will take place October 11-13th, once again at Shankhassick Farm, Katie Delahaye Paine’s 55-acre family farm on the shores of the Oyster River in Durham, NH. The Summit is designed to foster the exchange of ideas and personal interactions. Attendance is limited to 50. To register now, go to:

The theme of the 2017 Summit is “The future of Data-Informed Decision Making.” Discussions will be focused on how to use data to tie communications activities to business results, specifically around internal communications, public affairs, earned and social media. Presenters include communications experts from the Cisco, Microsoft, Hannaford, Southwest Airlines and more.

What makes the gathering unique isn’t just the high-level of discussion, but also that attendance is limited to 50 attendees. According to Paine, CEO of Paine Publishing, the intimacy is essential: “This isn’t a ‘Death by PowerPoint’ type of conference. Rather, it’s a high-level, tell-all conversation about best practices in communications measurement. People come to hear from their peers about their experiences in implementing measurement programs. Those experiences are not always pretty or successful, but that’s what attendees come to learn – what it really takes to show the value of communications efforts to the bottom line.”

The annual meeting of the Conclave on Social Media Measurement Standards also takes place at the farm on the day after the Summit, thus October 13th is devoted entirely to the discussion of best practices in social media measurement as well as future trends.

Tim Marklein and fellow 2015 Summit attendees

Tim Marklein, CEO of Big Valley Marketing, pictured above with fellow 2015 attendees

The Summit always features a traditional New England Lobster Bake, which also adds to the intimate ambiance. Paine says: “There’s something about the lobster experience that breaks down barriers so it doesn’t matter how big of a budget you have, you’re still wearing a bib and have butter dripping down your chin. Years later, people come up to me at conferences and tell me how fondly they remember eating lobster in my living room. Funny thing, they’re almost all adhering to best practices in measurement,” Paine quipped.

Paine Publishing, LLC is a New Hampshire-based consulting firm, founded by Katie Delahaye Paine in 2013 to train and advise individuals and organizations on how to measure their public relations, social media, marketing, and overall communications efforts. It publishes The Measurement Advisor a subscription-based newsletter dedicated to providing communications professionals with advice, how-to articles, and industry news.