All I want to know is who declared the last two weeks “impressions counting fortnight?”  Maybe it’s just summer, but it seems like everyone I talk to right now is hot and bothered about how to best count impressions.  And, no matter how many times I tell them that counting impressions is like counting sperm — none of them count at all unless they reach their target — they just won’t give them up.

So now, since they won’t listen to me, maybe they’ll believe that bastion of consumer marketing, McDonald’s.

molly 2

I’ve admired Molly McKenna Jandrain ever since she first joined the IPR’s Measurement Commission and I loved her even more when she became one of the first corporations to endorse PR Measurement Standards. Now she’s done a great video presentation on how she moved beyond impressions to measuring impact of PR. 

For all of you who have asked me “what’s the best way to measure impressions?”  Read and/or watch this, and then if you still want to know, call me.

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