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Measurement Maestro (Enterprise level)


Every organization today is being pressured to be more accountable, which is why we created a Measurement Maestro level specifically around the urgent need to train more employees to transform data into insight and demonstrate the value of what your department does.  Our measurement Maestro level includes access to all our eBooks and training guides as well as discounted rates for our training programs.   Let us help you transform your team into data-informed advisors to senior leadership.


$997.00 / year

Measurement Marquis (Agency level)


No data geeks on your team? We’ll help you grow your own. Our Agency Membership is designed for PR, Communications and Marketing firms who want to build measurement expertise from within. Our Measurement Base Camp courses are designed to teach communications pros all the basic measurement skills from Pivot Tables to GA4.  Included is also access to the largest library of communications measurement research articles on the planet.


From: $47.00 / month

Measurement Ace (Solo practitioner)


We’ve been there. You know a campaign is doing well but can’t prove it. The client demands metrics but won’t pay for it. You need to up your measurement game but hiring a data analyst isn’t in your budget. We designed our Measurement Ace Membership with you in mind. You get all the knowledge and training you need, and still stay within your budget.


From: $17.00 / month

Measurement Academy for Educational Institutions


Whether you’re teaching communications or practicing it in the coming year, measurement needs to be part of your toolset. Here at Paine Publishing, we understand your need for comprehensive and up-to-date measurement resources, which is why we are inviting you to join our new measurement group designed specifically to support communicators working in or teaching in the academic environment. With a membership in Paine Publishing’s Measurement Academy for Educational Institutions you gain access to a curated collection of training resources, including video tutorials, case studies, training and eBooks that cover all aspects of communications measurement and research.


From: $9.99 / month

Measurement Club for Not-for Profit Organizations and Funders


To our Non-Profit friends, we feel your pain. Every donor or department needs different metrics, funders and sponsors want to know what they’re getting for their money, budgets are always tight and everyone is an expert. That’s why we’ve curated our best academic research papers, non-profit guides and articles into a membership specifically designed to give you the tools and information you need at a price you can afford.


From: $9.99 / month

Paine Publishing’s Club for the Measurement Curious


If you’re just taking baby steps towards good measurement practices we want to provide you as much help as we can for free. Join the club and you’ll get access to all of our most popular articles and to our K.D. Paine’s Measurement Advisor Blog that will keep you abreast of all the latest industry trends and developments.



Compare Membership Features

Membership LevelPaine Publishing’s Club for the Measurement CuriousThe Academy Membership for Educational InstitutionsThe Measurement Club for Not-for-profit organizations and their fundersMeasurement Ace (Solo Practitioner)Measurement Marquis (Agency Level)Measurement Maestro (Enterprise level)
Monthly CostFree$9.99/mo$9.99/mo$17/mo$47/mo
Annual Cost (20% savings)Free $117 $117$147 $497 $997 
Access to premium site content (including the Measurement Advisor Archives and our Academic Research library.)
Access to selected Guides and eBooks
Access to tutorial videos (Measurement 101) and webinars
Access to online course replays
15% discount on Basecamp
25% discount to Base Camp for 2 employees per year
Access to 2 hours of consulting time w/KDP per year (available annually only)
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