Measurement 101 Course-in-a-Box

Measurement 101 Course-in-a-Box


The Measurement 101 Course-in-a-Box contains everything you need to transform from being a measurement neophyte into a Measurement Maven! If you’re a professor, you can assign our Measurement 101 Course-in-a-Box and rest assured that your students will learn everything they need to know to comply with the latest standards and industry best practices. (Click here for our special package for professors.)

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The Measurement 101 Course-in-a-Box includes:

  • A syllabus & lesson plan
  • The Six-Segment Measurement 101 Video Series and accompanying lesson guides that cover:
    1. Why measure — How to use measurement to improve your program, get a raise, earn a promotion, and solve your organization’s problems
    2. How to set SMART measurable objectives
    3. Defining your stakeholders, your key influencers, and setting your benchmarks
    4. Defining your “Kick Butt Index”  — the key metrics you’ll use to measure success
    5. Selecting the right measurement tool to measure your goals
    6. Reporting Results — How to derive insight, analyze results, and create reports that your leadership will love
  • Bibliography & resources list

All for only $47!


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