Your October 2021 Communications Measurement Reading List


Albert Einstein believed that “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” Which is why we constantly monitor the electrons to provide you with the most interesting, thought-provoking, and intellectually intriguing measurement-related stories of recent weeks: 


Gen Z Wants More Diverse Representation In Research

“The diversity in younger generations fuels the need for more inclusive definitions. Gen Z accelerates the demand for better representation—and experiences—in research. The marketplace then adjusts to these demands, creating higher awareness.”

Diversity and Inclusion in the Post-COVID World
“We look at two major issues – the return to work and board diversity – along with our Diversity and Inclusion Index to discover who is making progress in creating diverse and inclusive workplaces and the benefits that result from those workplaces.”

How to Measure

The Communicator’s Guide to Research, Analysis, and Evaluation
“…created to help public relations leaders understand how they can apply data, research, and analytics to uncover insights that inform strategic decision making, improve communication performance, and deliver meaningful business contributions.”

Measurement Explainer: How we’re doing it wrong and how to do it better
We can reap the enormous benefits of good measurements by simply understanding and finding some good answers to basic questions.

Measuring TV and Video

Will Nielsen Kerfuffle Kill The GRP?
“…if we are lucky, the current kerfuffle between Nielsen, the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) and the MRC will kill the real nemesis to modernizing the TV and video ad industry — the sex/age, demo-defined gross rating point (GRP) as the primary planning, buying and measurement metric.

Internal Comms

The 6 C’s every employee needs
The “Great Resignation” is real, but it’s not inevitable. To keep your best workers on board, nurture these deep needs that go well beyond cash.


Why CMO tenure is at its lowest point in the past decade
“Access insights from more than 150 Fortune 3000 CEOs across 13 industries, including healthcare, technology, energy, real estate, education and more, to get their true feelings on the astonishing decline in CMO tenures. The data explores and breaks down why the CMO tenure problem is self-inflicted, despite it also being a position of power.”

Why Political Activism Will Be The New Brand Purpose
“Brand marketers already are straddling the political spectrum indirectly by taking a stand on social injustice, inclusion and equity, which a number of studies have shown already is triggering some partisan political divides among consumers. But new research… indicates many consumers now expect brands to take more explicit political stands.”

Industry News

Private equity firm Tritium Partners acquired an up-and-coming PR tech company to take on giants like Cision and Meltwater
“Investor interest in the public relations technology industry is growing and companies like PublicRelay are cashing in.”

What the Industry Gets Wrong with PR Measurement
“Long gone the era of media clippings and column inches. Or is it?”

Odds and Ends

18 Ways to Improve Your Organic Click-Through Rate (CTR)
Neil Patel
“Instead of focusing all your efforts on creating local SEO content to bag that top spot, you need to understand what turns searchers into readers, and readers into customers, through first improving your organic click-through rate.”

4 easy-to-implement strategies to future-proof your organization
Leading Disruption
“That means seeing the future and future-proofing your organization are critical skills for leaders who want to succeed and drive disruptive change.”

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