Your Measurement Reading List for November

An image of a girl reading, to illustrate the concept of a measurement reading list.

As Dr. Seuss taught us: “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Here’s your chance to do just that, with the most interesting measurement-related posts we’ve run across recently:

The media

Against big tech comp, paywalls & more. One-on-one with Jeff Jarvis
Editor & Publisher
The director of the Tow-Knight Center at the Craig Newmark Graduate School at CUNY gives his reasons for not supporting current congressional fair compensation efforts and antitrust legislation to help local news publishers continue to find sustainable business models. Jeff Jarvis also posts that “paywalls damage democracy.” He states, “When disinformation is free, how can we restrict quality information to the privileged who choose to afford it?”

Size counts — but only for bears

How fat are the bears of fat bear week?
Washington Post
An exploration of graphical techniques to illustrate the size of big numbers, in this case the awesome size of bears getting ready to hibernate.

Those fascinating humans, and robots

Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds
The New Yorker

Research shows that human’s sense of reason developed not to enable us to solve logical problems or help us draw conclusions from unfamiliar data; rather, it developed to resolve the problems posed by living in collaborative groups.

Is AI Coming for My Job? A Reporter Tested 5 Writing Tools To Find Out
Spoiler alert: “These tools are amazing and effective, but will have a time and a place. I think they can be used alongside talented writers, like trusty sidekicks, stepping in when writer’s block comes knocking or deadlines are looming. ”

Social media

How Online Mobs Act Like Flocks Of Birds
Noema Magazine
A growing body of research suggests human behavior on social media is strikingly similar to collective behavior in nature.

TikTok Tests New Search Features: What We Know Right Now
TikTok has launched a new feature that calls into question whether the app will require its own unique SEO strategy.


MRC Releases Final Version of Standards for Outcomes Measurement and Data Quality
TV Tech
Adoption will result in greater consistency and quality in the measurement of how viewing of ads impacts business outcomes

OKRs & the Freedom to Fail
Serial Marketer Weekly
Four types of organizations in the Defensive-Ambitious x Critical-Supportive space.

How to Measure Your Way Out of a Crisis, and Other Tips on Crisis Management
Paine Publishing
A new addition to the Measurement Camp curriculum.

Polling gets its mojo back

The Accurate Election Polls That No One Believed
The New Yorker
The predictors got the midterms mostly right. Was it a fluke?

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