Your May 2020 COVID-19 and Communication Measurement Reading List

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COVID-19 resources

MMA COVID-19 Marketer Support Hub
Mobile Marketing Association, Inc.
A massive collection of articles, infographics, and resources.

COVID-19: free live mobile-friendly visualizations for use on any website
A collection of regularly updated responsive embeddable charts and maps about the coronavirus crisis.

COVID-19: media and marketing

How The Martech Industry Is Stepping Up To Help Customers Cope With COVID-19
“…companies that shave budgets for marketing or refrain from messaging may save money, but they’re wasting goodwill.”

Data Shows PR and Media Working Harder During The Pandemic
“…pitch volume and journalist engagement with pitches were stronger in April, the pandemic’s worst month, than before coronavirus hit…”

COVID-19: data and infographics

Zoom is Now Worth More Than the World’s 7 Biggest Airlines
Visual Capitalist
“Zoom meeting participants have skyrocketed in past months, going from 10 million in December 2019 to a whopping 300 million as of April 2020.”

Here’s How Most Americans Really Feel About Wearing Face Masks
“…public opinion on masks, like other aspects of the coronavirus crisis, doesn’t fit neatly into the hyperpolarized framework that defined past political battles over issues like impeachment.”

Ask the expert: What is contact tracing?
A great example of the sort of thing brands and especially universities should be doing to establish credibility and be useful: “Contact tracing is one of the three critical actions necessary to eliminate COVID-19.”

Daily update of deaths by country and state
The New York Times

Coping with COVID-19 and quarantine

Humans are complicated—do we need behavioral science to get through this? Some scientists think social science isn’t ready for the COVID-19 crisis.
ars technica
“So are the social sciences ready to help us navigate the pandemic? Evidently, experts disagree, and their scuffle is part of a broader debate about how much evidence we need before we act. ”

There’s an unconscious bias in virtual meetings. Here’s how you can avoid it.
“While employees use videoconferencing now more than ever, there’s an issue happening beneath the surface with platforms like Zoom, Teams and Skype beyond stress and mental health that’s affecting its users.”

Ask the expert: How can employees care for their mental health while working from home?
Recommendations for employees and employers on how to stay sane during a long and challenging time.

COVID-19: brands and retailers

Why Retailers Must Focus On Data-Driven Recovery
“Some analysts believe data and loyalty will be among the positive business tactics for retailers as the crisis moves into its reopening phase. Not that it’s the only one – but as Churchill said, “never let a good crisis go to waste.” ”

Can we please talk about something else besides COVID-19?

We’ve Updated Our Pollster Ratings Ahead Of The 2020 General Election
“These ratings cover this year’s presidential primaries, the 2019 gubernatorial elections and the occasional straggler poll we only just discovered from a past election.”

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