Your June 2020 Communications Measurement Reading List

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There is always too much to read, especially recently, because there has been too much happening. Here’s the best of what we’ve seen:

Take a stand!

Brands keep apologizing for racism: Why do all their posts look the same?
Fast Company
The predictable and formulaic design of an Instagram apology.

The Complexity of Brands Taking a Stand at This Time
Seth Arenstein, PR NEWS
“…brands [are] in a quandary about what, if anything, to do and communicate about diversity and inclusion (D&I)… Part of the reason is that corporate America generally has had a spotty record on D&I. This moment has not helped, despite a parade of virtue-signaling as companies issued myriad tributes to [George] Floyd and statements supporting the protests.”

A Guide to Culturally Conscious Identifiers and Emojis
PR News
A guide to terms and emoji. “As our nation grapples with rampant injustice and a movement for change, PR pros must embrace their role driving media conversations with greater responsibility. Consumers are holding brands, and their leaders, to a higher standard. PR pros must learn cultural terms and utilize insights to craft respectful messages.”

Improve your D&I communications

Diversity Primer, Chapter 12: Communications and Marketing
by Nereida Perez, from
“Communications is one of the most critical steps in developing, implementing, and managing an effective diversity and inclusion strategy. Without a strong plan in place, executive leaders may not loan their support…”

Diversity and Inclusion Efforts That Really Work
Harvard Business Review
“Programs designed to increase diversity and inclusion in the workplace often fail. What’s actually working?”

Trend Lightly: What Happens Without Meaningful Diversity
Before launching an initiative celebrating diversity, here are 3 questions to ask yourself…”

How to Use a Climate Survey to Understand and Nurture Diversity and Inclusion
“Climate surveys go beyond workforce stats to tell you critical information about employee perceptions and the signals your organization is sending.”

Tips to Measure the Effectiveness of Diversity Communications: Part 1
Human Capital Media
Defining your strategy and objectives.

Moving the needle on strategic diversity: Lessons learned from strategic diversity measurement in 2015 and 2019
“By comparing results examining the best practices from each of the surveys, we can see where the needle has moved on diversity and inclusion and what organizations need to do to advance their D&I goals.”

Make your virtual events virtually great

Top 10 Ways to Make Your Virtual Events Not Suck
Face-to-face events benefit from the personal touch. Here’s how to ensure your virtual events do, too.

2 Million Professionals Polled On How To Make Virtual Conferences Better— Here Are Their Top 10 Hacks
“I recently polled my… social media followers… on their most powerful hacks for making virtual conferences better. Here are some of their top tips…”

Presenting virtually? 4 tips for using visual aids well
Crystal Clear Communications Blog
4 things great presenters do well when using visual aids.

We are still in a pandemic, everybody!

COVID-19 Life Science Brand Tracker: The Covalent Bonds COVID-19 Media Analysis Project
Covalent Bonds
“In March, we conducted a benchmark study to determine which life science brands to evaluate going forward. There were 85 brands identified during the benchmark and of those the top 30 brands were chosen for monitoring in general COVID-19 media coverage. Each brand is evaluated for sentiment, topic of discussion, and positioning on industry issues.”

Odds and ends

Tomorrow’s News
The fourth annual edition of Reuters’ proprietary survey, conducted among 1,700 professionals. It explores news consumption, content interests and
the influence of technology on news consumer behaviour.

Why Is Data Science Losing Its Charm?
Medium Towards Data Science
Data science was once the most loved career option but the trends are changing.

Captain Tom Moore — 6 Insights from the feel-good news event of 2020
“Captain Tom Moore’s story has become one of the greatest demonstrations of the effectiveness of authentic purpose, PR and communications ever achieved… what PR lessons can we derive from this incredible feat?”

How to Tell If You’re Talking to a Bot: The five best ways to detect fake social-media accounts.
MIT Technology Review
“In 2015 the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ran a contest on Twitter bot detection. Participants trained their systems to identify fake accounts using five key data points…”

Lessons Earned: Helping a High-Profile Brand Regain its Reputation
“When I took my dream job as head of global corporate communications at Nike in 1997, I did not know it would turn out to be my most professionally challenging and rewarding experience.”

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