Your January 2022 Communications Measurement Reading List

Happy New Year! It’s the purr-fect time to freshen up your communications measurement knowledge and stay up to date on recent events. Here’s the best of what we’ve seen recently…

Industry News

Cision Acquires Media Monitoring Company Streem
Cision has agreed to acquire Australia- and New Zealand-based media monitoring company Streem. The platform will continue to operate as an independent brand, retaining its leadership and staff in the two countries. This includes cofounders Elgar Welch and Antoine Sabourin, who will remain in their roles as CEO and CTO, respectively.

Onclusive on your side
Onclusive website
Symphony Technology Group “STG” completes its acquisition of Onclusive, Kantar’s Reputation Intelligence business, and PRgloo. The three businesses merge to create a new global media monitoring, measurement, and workflow management partner for PR and communications, under the name ‘Onclusive.’


Facebook exec blames society for COVID misinformation
It comes as a surprise to no one that longtime Facebook veteran Andrew Bosworth insists that political and COVID-19 misinformation are societal problems rather than issues that have been magnified by social networks: “That’s their choice. They are allowed to do that. You have an issue with those people. You don’t have an issue with Facebook. You can’t put that on me.”

All the platforms that have banned or restricted Trump so far
Seventeen (17) online platforms have booted the ex-president. (Almost as many as women who have accused him of sexual assault or harassment.) Here are the details and context.

Misinformation is the invasive species of 2021
Dangerous falsehoods, spreading like an invasive species, are emerging as a great challenge to society in 2021.

Birds Aren’t Real’ founder throws up in live, viral TV interview
New York Post
Peter McIndoe, founder of the satirical conspiracy theory dropped the act for a moment and said the movement was created to fight lunacy with lunacy. “Dealing in the world of misinformation for the past few years, we’ve been really conscious of the line we walk,” he said. “The idea is meant to be so preposterous, but we make sure nothing we’re saying is too realistic.”

They Said What?! — Handling Misinformation
Tips for local governments on how to counter misleading claims.

Measurement Rules the World

Researchers use decades of Wall Street Journal articles to predict stock market returns
The Journalist’s Resource
Culling decades of Wall Street Journal articles, researchers created a new way to gauge stock performance that matches well to real returns.


People trust ads that talk about values, not products, finds Nielsen
The Drum
Nielsen’s latest global research into trust in advertising has found that consumers are responding to ads with humor and brand values rather than products.

Measures of Success

Rapper Logic wrote the song ‘1-800-273-8255’ to save lives. He may have saved hundreds, study finds.
The Washington Post
“During periods of heightened online attention to [Logic’s] song “1-800-273-8255,” a reference to the phone number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, there was a corresponding increase in calls to the hotline, as well as a reduction in suicides — an estimated 245, the study found.”

Get Your 2022 Started

Editor’s Notebook: The ultimate New Year’s resolution
Dana Wormald in New Hampshire Bulletin
“When you think about it, making a New Year’s resolution is a bit like writing the headline first – a bold statement uttered well before the work that will make it true begins. Once in a while it might work out, but most times it won’t. So maybe the trick is avoiding big pronouncements altogether and focusing on getting just a single moment right…”

4 actions to future-proof marketing measurement
The Drum
Brands that adopt measurement programs and test and learn can achieve up to 75% more in return-on-investment (ROI) gains than those that don’t, according to the latest report from Analytic Partners’ ROI Genome.

2021 Reviewed

2021, the year in misinformation: News literacy takeaways
News Literacy Project
A review of ten major trends in misinformation, including “Staged skits out of context,” “Celebrity t-shirts,” and “Outrage bait.”

The year 2021 in social media
The past year has shown that lawmakers around the world are losing patience and many social media tried to court creators with new tools and funds.

The year 2021 in subscriptions and memberships
The Fix
Reader revenue continued to be the no.1 topic for most digital and legacy publishers

The wonderful year of 2021 in podcasting
The Fix
This year podcasting kept growing, paid podcasts became a thing and Spotify topped the charts of podcast platforms in the US


Let’s not ‘circle back’ on 2021: Michigan school releases annual list of banished words, phrases
Lake Superior State University really wants you to stop calling this our “new normal.” Here are its list of banished words and phrases for 2022:

  1. Wait, what?
  2. No worries
  3. At the end of the day
  4. That being said
  5. Asking for a friend
  6. Circle back
  7. Deep dive
  8. New normal
  9. You’re on mute
  10. Supply chain

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