Your January 2020 Communication Measurement Reading List

There are probably way too many articles about communication measurement in your in-box. We’ve brought you the best of the recent crop:

How We Helped Our Reporters Learn to Love Spreadsheets
NYT Open
“…while journalists once were fond of joking that they got into the field because of an aversion to math, numbers now comprise the foundation for beats as wide ranging as education, the stock market, the Census and criminal justice…”

Media Supplier of the Year: The Media Rating Council
“… we’re naming an industry watchdog — the Media Rating Council — for the work it did over the past year developing an industry standard for measuring video advertising exposure in a cross-platform world…”

TMAI #193
Avinash Kaushik
“We live with the curse that digital provides us with more data than we can handle. For example, an executive can ask, how did Social contribute to this campaign?, and there are literally 18 data sources and 52 metrics you can examine... I want to share a beautiful strategy you can use to lessen the expansiveness, and sharply increase purposeful focus in these cases: Don’t start from the bottom-up, start from the top-down…”

#BizTrends2020: Three mega trends that will shape the future of public relations and communication
“It is now critical that we prepare for the new wave of changes upon us. Here are my three megatrends that will impact PR hugely…”

Why Communications is Not Communication
“If you are a student of communication or a communication professional or you are in the business of communication, you may have been using the terms “communication” and “communications” interchangeably without caring much about the difference between the two…”

The Future of PR Needs to Rely Less on Gut and More on Data
“Gut instinct often helps drive decisions in the PR industry and sets agencies apart from one another. But this trend is beginning to change as a result of increased integration between PR and marketing…”

Three Ways To Make Your PR Campaigns More Data-Driven
“…three steps you should take to leverage a data-driven approach to measure the success of your PR campaigns…” ∞

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