Your March Communications Measurement Reading List

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Here’s your measurement reading list, the most interesting of what has come across our desks recently:


Trust Trending High For Communications Priorities
PR News
“After a deluge of misinformation and disinformation through the 2020 presidential election… many organizations, brands and public figures see trust as fundamental… It’s a necessity in messaging, and it’s on communicators to figure out the best way to deliver trust. ”

WFH Is Corroding Our Trust in Each Other
Harvard Business Review
“some [employees] find themselves wondering whether their remote employees are actually working at home. Companies that fail to address this crisis are likely to see lower morale, increased attrition, lower productivity, and stalled innovation.”

Industry news

The battleship grows bigger—Brandwatch is acquired by Cision for $450M, creating an ever-larger integration challenge
“Online consumer intelligence and social media listening platform Brandwatch has been acquired by Cision, best known for its media monitoring and media contact database services, for $450 million… The move combines two large players to offer a broad range of services, from PR to marketing and online customer engagement.”

PRCA and ICCO announce CARMA as global and exclusive Media Monitoring & Analysis Partner
“Working with the PRCA and ICCO, CARMA will support their mission to elevate the profession through best practice and accountability.”

Proof Analytics Partners with Mettle
“Proof will offer a subscription to Mettle’s 64 different drivers of brand and reputation across the Global 2000, including Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), Reputation, Customer Confidence, and Trust scores, all via the Proof platform.”

More Proof news: Beginning Monday 3/8, Salesforce will be offering Proof Analytics to its Marketing Cloud customer base.

How Much Money Do Communications Majors Make?
Charts displaying communications majors’ earnings and college debt, by school.

10 Predictions for Meetings and Events in 2021
Corporate Event News
“For better or worse, this is going to be the year of hybrid. It will serve, many in the industry hope, as a bridge toward a return to what is considered normal in 2022…”

How to measure

TMAI #247:  Your Outcome Metric is Profit, not Revenue!
Avinash Kaushik’s The Marketing Analytics Intersect
It’s important to pay attention to profit, not just revenue.

Proving the value of PR in 2021
By CARMA Asia, in Marketing
“By examining the positioning of its brand in more detail, and the actions resulting from it, the PR team can tell a very different story and begin to define value in more meaningful ways beyond simple exposure metrics.”


The Media Manipulation Casebook
The Technology and Social Change project
“a digital research platform linking together theory, methods, and practice for mapping media manipulation and disinformation campaigns. This resource is intended for researchers, journalists, technologists, policymakers, educators, and civil society organizers who want to learn about detecting, documenting, describing, and debunking misinformation.”

The Internet Trust Tool
Trust ratings for news sites that account for 95% of engagement. Written by journalists, not secret algorithms. Transparent, accountable, and in your browser.


Visualizing Data Timeliness at Airbnb
Airbnb Engineering & Data Science
“Imagine you are a business leader ready to start your day, but you wake up to find that your daily business report is empty — the data is late, so now you are blind… Over the last year, multiple teams came together to build SLA Tracker, a visual analytics tool to facilitate a culture of data timeliness at Airbnb.”

Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay.

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