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Last month I had an “A-ha!” moment about what the heck it is we’re all trying to measure these days. Moments later it occurred to me that perhaps the biggest trend for the future of measurement is integrated communications measurement: the combination of all these various forms of communications into unified measurement systems.

Yes, anyone who has read anything I’ve written in the last five years knows that I’ve been urging organizations to consider integrated measurement systems. But more and more I’m seeing organizations actually implement them.

We’ve already written about some of them before: here’s one in Pharma, and in 2014 our Measurement Maven of the Year award went to this organization in the travel & tourism industry. But we thought we’d take a deeper dive into the both the mechanics of these new integrated dashboards and what organizations are learning from them.

So in this special issue of The Measurement Advisor that’s focused on integrated communications measurement, you’ll find:

  1. Five reasons why integrated measurement will make your life easier and make your team more efficient;
  2. Alex Parkinson’s summary of a recent SNCR and Conference Board study on how leading companies are integrating their marketing and communications functions;
  3. A checklist to help you plan and organize the process of developing an integrated communications measurement system;
  4. A complete seven-step guide on designing and implementing an integrated communications measurement system;
  5. A recap of the recent Summit: What You Missed at the 2016 Summit on the Future of Communications Measurement;
  6. Philip Bakelaar’s graphic recordings of the 2016 Summit on the Future of Communications Measurement, and
  7. The first article in a new series: Paine Publishing’s Measurement Beginner Tip: Bake Some Cookies.

We hope you enjoy this issue, and all the best with your integrated communications efforts. (Better yet, if you need assistance, I’d love to help so give me a call: 603-682-0735.)


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