Useful Email Benchmarks from PoliteMail’s 2018 Benchmark Report

PoliteMail is an internal communications platform with some very large clients around the world. According to them, 27% of the largest U.S. employers are now using their email management tool, and they process nearly 200 million emails every year. When you have that much data, you can analyze it to get some pretty interesting numbers. Like that chart above, Reading by Time of Day Sent. Here are more email benchmarks from the three years of data that went into their 2018 Email Benchmark Data Report:

7 emails

The number of emails per month that the average employee of a large U.S. company receives.

20 minutes

That’s how much time the average employee spends reading company emails per month.


That’s how much of the company email content that employees actually read.


How much of the company email that is totally ignored.


The fraction of employees that actually click on a link included in company emails.


How many employees who read at least 30% of company messages.

That should be enough to get you excited about reading the whole Politemail 2018 Email Benchmark Data Report. ∞

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