A Trust Measurement Checklist

Thinking of commissioning trust measurement or research? Make sure you work through the following checklist and have the requisite data on hand.

___ Write down the specific goals and/or objectives for your program.

___ Review the IPR White Paper, “Guidelines for Measuring Trust.”

___ Define the timeline for the trust measurement effort. What are the budgetary parameters and/or limitations for the assignment? Do priorities have to be set?

___ Make a list of the stakeholder groups that impact your success.

___ Make a list of opposition groups and competitors.

___ Find out what other research exists, including customer satisfaction and employee attitude studies as well as any research about what your stakeholders are currently thinking or perceiving about your organization.

___ List the various channels and trusted media outlets from which your  stakeholders get information.

___ List the various campaigns that may impact your trust or awareness levels.

___ If part of the project involves an assessment of media coverage, then determine who will be responsible for collecting the mentions, clips, or copies of broadcast materials that will be generated. Who will write the ground rules and/or parameters for clip and/or broadcast material assessment? Who will do the actual assessment?

___ Clarify how the collected information will be used, and by whom.

___ Determine who will be responsible for collecting, analyzing, and reporting on the data. ∞

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