Three Beginner’s Tips for Finding Insight In Your Data

Just getting started at data analysis? Here are three beginner’s tips for mastering your data:

  1. If correlation and causation confuse you, then listen to the correlation lectures from Carl Bergstrom and Jevin West’s class on detecting BS. (They are two of our Measurement Mavens for this month). You’ll come away with a much better understanding of how correlation differs from causation. And you’ll get some tips on how to call BS on spurious media claims.
  2. When you look at any data set, sort it from lowest to highest, or from worst to best. If there’s an Ah-Ha! moment in there, you’ll find it much faster when viewing the data in some kind of order.
  3. Assume that 60% of the data you get from your average social analytics or media analysis platform are extraneous. (That’s not an actual statistic, just a number based on my experience.) Ignore them. Focus exclusively on the few numbers that relate to your business or organizational goals. ∞

Thanks to StockSnap on Pixabay for the image.

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