3 Beginner’s Tips to Measure Snapchat and Its Immeasurable Siblings

Just starting to measure Snapchat or other ephemeral social media? Here are three tips (and a bonus!) to make your first time, well, a snap. And if you haven’t yet measured any social media, then you might want to read “How to Master Social Media Measurement in 6 Simple Steps” first.

1. Get consensus around the business reasons for your campaign.

Make sure everyone to whom you need to report your results agrees on the business objectives against which you will measure. (See the article “How to measure the ephemeral in the age of the unmeasurable” for more on that.) If someone says anything related to “generate buzz or excitement” ask them “So what?” or perhaps more politely “To what end?” Keep repeating the question until you get an answer that could show up on a balance sheet.

2. Make sure you have access to Google Analytics or other web analytics platform, and make sure that conversions are set up.

Then enable tagging and establish a standard tag format so you can connect your campaign to conversions. Don’t know how to set up conversions? Our how-to video will help you out.

3. Before you start your campaign, conduct a benchmark survey to establish current levels of awareness, consideration, and preference.

Then repeat it a month after the campaign is finished. Make sure you ask them where they have seen information about your organization(s).

4. (Bonus!) Read our issue on how to measure social media.

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