The Worst New Thing In Measurement: Ogilvy Australia’s Black Box of 70 Measurement Tools

Black box with question markBy Katie Delahaye Paine—All leading standards bodies have agreed that the measurement world needs more transparency and replicability (see Principle 7 of the Barcelona Principles). So it is incredibly infuriating when yet another major agency launches a proprietary “black box” measurement system.

Which is what Ogilvy Australia did last week with great fanfare. It features, “more than 70 different tools and techniques to measure PR campaigns.” Imagine that: 70 tools in one giant black box. I wonder how many of them are in compliance with industry standards? I wonder how many offer results that can be verified and replicated? How many produce any sort of insight?

The world does not need 70 different measurement tools. Nor does it need another proprietary measurement system to bamboozle clients into spending more money with their PR agency. ∞

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  1. So, you’ve actually reached out to them before attacking?

    Oh, Wait, you mean you expected them to call you first? oR, ask your blessing?

    Your arrogance continues to amaze…

    • Katie Paine

      David, I reached out on Twitter and no one responded. I honestly wanted to know more about it. When no one, from Ogilvy or anyone else responded, I ran with what I could find.