Selecting the Right Data, Tools and Metrics For Your Objectives

trifecta chart

Ready to have all your bases covered? Our chart is designed to help you select data, tools, and metrics:

If you want to demonstrate:Then you need data from:By using these tools:To get these metrics:
The impact of media relations on reputation or perceptions. •Qualitative media analysis data.
•Pre/post reputation survey results.
•Media content analysis.
•Pre/post or ongoing reputation/relationship/image surveys.
•Percentage of items containing key messages and/or percentage of items positioning your organization on key issues
•Percentage change in perceptions
The impact of media relations on lead generation or conversions.•Qualitative media analysis data.
•Tags for media content within your CRM system.
•Media analysis platform.
•CRM or Google Analytics.
•Ratio of media items to qualified leads
•Cost per lead generated by media outreach
•Value of conversions generated by earned media
The impact of owned social media on lead generation or conversions. •Aggregated social media engagement.
•Conversions set up in Google Analytics to track social attribution.
•Google Analytics or other web analytics tool.
•Social engagement tracking platform.
•CRM system for tracking leads .
•Percentage of social engagement resulting in a conversion or leads.
The impact of external media on internal engagement. •At least six months of internal engagement data.
•At least six months of external media analysis.
•Media analysis platform.
•Internal engagement tracking system.
•Ratio of positive external media to positive internal sentiment.
The impact of employee communications on employee engagement.•Data on volume and content of internal communications.
•Data on employee engagement.
•Employee engagement survey.
•Content management system.
•Percentage of content resulting in employee engagement.
•Ranking of content based on engagement levels.
The impact of events on trust and reputation. •Consistent pre/post survey data of event attendees.
•Tracking of event communications.
•Survey tool
•Internal data base of invites vs acceptance for event attendance
•Percentage increase in trust/reputation scores after each event.
The impact of content marketing on lead generation. •Content management data
•CRM or goal conversion data from Google Analytics
•Content management tool, CRM, or Google Analytics •Percentage of leads generated per content produced.

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