The Key to the Next Normal Is Measurement As Usual

The Paine of Measurement, April 2020

During the ongoing Covid crisis we are bombarded every day with more data and more science than at any other time I can remember. We here at The Measurement Advisor would normally be reveling in this sudden love affair with data analysis. In this case, however, the root cause is something horrible. Scientists see pandemics as inevitable. But many civilians find their causes and cures impossible to understand or easily adapt to. Is it too much to hope that this crisis will cause humans to gain new respect for data and science? We can dream, can’t we?

In the meantime, we are so very glad to see the curve now flattening, at least in some places, and equally glad that science and data is helping guide at least some of the decisions that will get us back to whatever the next version of normal will be. We wish you and yours the best of health, and a productive time of isolation and physical distancing.

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This issue of The Measurement Advisor is dedicated to helping all of us survive and ultimately thrive in whatever era comes next. No, we’re not going to offer any #distancedances or fabulous recipes. Although we do have plenty of wisdom fitting for these times, some of which is by way of @steak_umms, our Measurement Maven of the Month.

Our big lesson for this issue is that proper communications measurement will help you more quickly get back to whatever will be the new normal. Your comms, of course, will be more effective when guided by good measurement data and the insight born of it. But, in addition, the mindset and skills you employ for measurement are exactly those that will help you adapt to Covid changes in other parts of your organization, and your life. Plan carefully, observe your results, gain insight on what worked and what didn’t, and re-adjust your plans.

In this issue:

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Stay healthy and measure on,

Illustration by Bill Paarlberg, with apologies to Grant Wood.

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