The Measurement Advisor Summertime Reading Special 2019


Read this and get smarter. It’s the middle of summer, and you’re lounging on a beach somewhere. Or by the pool. Okay, okay… perhaps you are just daydreaming of lounging on a beach somewhere. But still, it’s the middle of the summer and you yearn for something to read that’s a little more challenging than the latest bodice ripper.

If you’ve gotten this far you’re probably  someone who wants to up your measurement game before the next round of strategic planning and budget cuts. So we have gathered up the best of The Measurement Advisor for our annual Summertime Reading Special.

Last year’s Reading Special will float your boat.

Since this time last year The Measurement Advisor has published nearly 100 articles on communications measurement. Below we’ve gathered the sixteen most popular, organized by general topic. And for you diehard measurement fans, down at the end we’ve included a few perennial favorites—the most popular among the 600 or so we’ve published since we began seven years ago. And if you are really eager for more measurement reading, check out last year’s Measurement Advisor Summertime Reading Special 2018.

As usual, our purpose here is to distract you from all that tedious sitting-by-the-water-with-a cool-drink summertime routine, and at the same time upgrade your measurement chops. Also, to get you so excited about communications measurement that you share these articles with your friends. To that end, each listed below is no-charge, no subscription required.

Happy summertime!

Communications Dashboard Delight: 4 Articles

Everybody wants to know how to put all their data into a single, easily understood dashboard. This will get you started…

  1. So You Want to Build an Integrated Communications Measurement Dashboard? Here’s How to Do It
  2. A Checklist for Creating an Integrated Communications Measurement Dashboard
  3. How to Design Your Communications Dashboard From the Insights Out—6 Easy Steps
  4. 4 Dashboard Debacles You Can Avoid

Find the Right Measurement Vendor: 2 Articles

Choosing the best vendor for doing your communications measurement can be tricky. Here’s help…

  1. Paine Publishing’s 2019 Vendor Selection Guide: 12 Common Measurement Needs—and the Tools and Vendors to Satisfy Them
  2. 8 Quick Tips for Finding the Perfect Communications Measurement Vendor in 2019

How to Measure: 3 Articles

The purpose of The Measurement Advisor is to help our readers do better communications measurement. So it’s no surprise that How To Measure is the most common category of article that our readers click on. It’s the place to find step-by-step guides, checklists, and advice for measuring most every aspect of communications. Here are the most popular how-to posts of the past year…

  1. Your Guide to Measuring Internal Communications
  2. 5 Steps to Develop Your Customized Media Impact Index
  3. Your Guide to Measuring Events and Experiential Marketing

Odds and Ends: 3 Articles

Sometimes the most interesting things are impossible to categorize…

  1. A New Organizational Chart: Reinventing Communications for the Digital Age
  2. How You Will Measure Your Success in 2019
  3. A Sweet Exercise in Measuring M&M’s Experiential Marketing

Best and Worse: 2 Articles

  1. The Worst Communications Disasters of 2018
  2. Paine Publishing’s Official Top 10 Best Things to Happen to Communications Measurement in 2018

Rising Stars: 2 Articles

Published just recently, the following articles have already had unusually large interest, and are sure to become future pageview champions…

  1. 7 Reasons Why Your Messages Don’t Fly, and How to Fix Them

  2. Your Guide to Risk and Crisis Communications Measurement

Perennial Favorites: 9 Articles

And finally, these articles are from previous years, but our readers just can’t get enough of them…

  1. How to Evaluate Speaker Opportunities and Measure Thought Leadership Programs
  2. 5 Real Life Horror Stories of Bad Data
  3. 15 Services Your Measurement or Monitoring Vendor Should Supply—But Probably Doesn’t
  4. How to Budget for Social Media Measurement: Tips from an Insider
  5. How to Use Boolean Search Techniques To Improve Monitoring of Social Media and News
  6. How To Develop a Customized Kick Butt Index of the Quality of Your Media Coverage
  7. How To Show Your Contribution to the Bottom Line
  8. 5 Types of Nonprofits and Their Measures of Success
  9. Stop Searching for ROI: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Is What You Need

Thanks for looking over The Measurement Advisor’s Summertime Reading Special. Happy summer! ∞





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Bill Paarlberg is the Editor of The Measurement Advisor. He has been editing and writing about measurement for over 20 years. He was the development and copy editor for "Measuring the Networked Nonprofit" by Beth Kanter and Katie Paine, winner of the 2013 Terry McAdam Book Award.