The Measurement Advisor Bodice-Ripping Summer Reading Special

We hope you are relaxing somewhere, perhaps lying on a beach, engrossed in a potboiler that takes you off to romance, galaxies far away, unsolved crimes, or whatever exotic adventures you prefer. On the other hand, if you are using this summer to enhance your measurement savvy, in this month’s issue we provide you with a special reading list to liven up your vacation, in the form of a recap of our most popular articles from the past year.

For this year’s Bodice-Ripping Special, we’ve piggy-backed on the themes of popular summertime reading. The best articles from last year’s Measurement Advisor are divided into eight categories heavily influenced by the typical stack of vacation-reading paperbacks. We’ve got your escapist measurement all lined up, from Victory and Defeat, to Romance, to Dystopian Fiction, to Psychic Powers, to Planning the Perfect Party.

In this handy table of contents you’ll find links to each article, or you can scroll down through all the article previews below:

  1. Victory and Defeat: The Drama of Competition
  2. Oh, the Tragedy of It All
  3. Romance: Passionate (Measurement) Playmates
  4. Dystopian Fiction: It’s a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World
  5. Psychic Powers: What the Future Holds
  6. Financial Self-Help
  7. How to Become Your Best (Measurement) Self
  8. Party Planning: How to Be the Perfect Host(ess)

1. Victory and Defeat: The Drama of Competition

• Best and Worst of Communications Measurement in 2016

2016 was the best of times and the worst of times for communications measurement. At least that’s what we claimed in this article… Read more.

• New Communications Measurement Tools Reviewed

What’s new in communications measurement tools? It seems every vendor in measurement has tweaked or redesigned their tools this year. And of course, all the announcements were timed to coincide with the recent annual meeting of the clans at PRSA International in Indianapolis. So we have rounded up all the news, and provided highlights… Read more.

2. Oh, the Tragedy of It All

• The 5 Most Common Mistakes in Social Media Measurement and How to Fix Them

Social media measurement can be difficult, even if you follow our handy Six Steps of Measurement System for Social Media. Here are five common pitfalls that you can easily avoid… Read more.

3. Romance: Passionate (Measurement) Playmates

• Measurement Mavens of the Year 2016

The competition for Measurement Mavens of the Year 2016 has been fierce, with several very worthy contenders… Read more.

Romance Bonus: All the Measurement Mavens of the Past Year

4. Dystopian Fiction: It’s a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World

• Measurement Menace of the Year 2016

Media Quant logo

There are almost as many strong candidates for our Measurement Menace of the Year Award as there were weak presidential candidates in our recent election. But the race for the prize was not as close… Read more.

End-of-the-World Bonus: All the Measurement Menaces of the Past Year

5. Psychic Powers: What the Future Holds

7 Communications and Measurement Predictions for 2017

Are our predictions actually coming to pass? You’re just going to have to see for yourself how accurate we were… Read more.

6. Financial Self-Help

• How To Show Your Contribution to the Bottom Line

I can show a direct connection from this press release to company revenues,” said no communications professional ever. That’s right, I repeat…

If you’re wondering “why not?” one reason is that in today’s omni-media environment, attribution is complicated, influences are many, and impressions & AVEs don’t cut it any more. If you’re ready to scale back the complication and let your value shine, follow these 5 steps… Read more.

• How Do Your Numbers Compare to Industry Benchmarks?

Many of you are looking for some useful tools to at least get a sense of whether your numbers are in the right ballpark. To that end we’ve tracked down a number of reports you might find useful… Read more.

7. How to Become Your Best (Measurement) Self

Nine Common Measurement Needs and the Best Vendors to Solve Them

No clever illustrations or snappy prose here, just a big table full of very useful advice on who you should consider hiring depending on what you need done. That’s the first row of the table above… Read more.

• Your All-Purpose Guide to Finding the Right Communications Measurement Tools

Finding the right communications measurement tools is a difficult and often uncomfortable undertaking. You’ve got to do a bit of research to find out what the vendor is offering. And you get bombarded by marketing and messages, badgering you to try something that really doesn’t meet your needs… Read more.

• Your Complete Guide to Social Media Measurement

More than three out of four marketers report having regular conversations with their boss about social media ROI, yet only 9% are actually able to quantify their return. In this month’s coverage you’ll get plenty of help with that with nine articles to show you how to develop, budget, and fix your mistakes… Read more.

8. Party Planning: How to Be the Perfect Host(ess)

• Event Measurement: It’s Not Just One Big Party. Here’s How to Handle It

The two August 2016 issues of The Measurement Advisor provide all the tools and techniques you need to measure any event… Read more.

• How to Evaluate Sponsorships

Just as video never really “killed the radio star,” social and digital media has not supplanted in-person events in the marketing mix. It’s human nature to want to connect in-person with favorite brands, celebrities, and artistic/like-minded individuals. As a result, corporate events and sponsorships continue to represent a significant percentage of the marketing budget. And, as always, where dollars and budgets go, measurement must follow… Read more.

(With apologies to Johanna Lindsey’s novel Gentle Rogue for our use of the cover in the illustration above.)


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Bill Paarlberg is the Editor of The Measurement Advisor. He has been editing and writing about measurement for over 20 years. He was the development and copy editor for "Measuring the Networked Nonprofit" by Beth Kanter and Katie Paine, winner of the 2013 Terry McAdam Book Award.