The Future is Rosy for Measurement, but Very Cloudy for Marketing

The Paine of Measurement, November 2021

If nothing else, the recent Summit on the Future of Communications Measurement was diverse. Not only did we have some great conversations about diversity, but we also covered a wide range of topics, including the state of DE&I, ESG, culture, and especially the ubiquitous “funnel”—be it the marketing funnel or anything else.

For nearly a century marketers and communications professionals have assumed that the purchase decision-making process looked like this:

But to paraphrase the Summit participants, today’s decision-making process looks much more like this:

It starts with your audience and whatever issues are on their minds. These days, how and where you can influence the actions of your audience is all over the map. Influence comes in many forms:

  • A random news story may cause a loyal customer to cancel your service and switch to a rival.
  • An unwanted charge on a bill may initiate a call to a competitor or bring out the scissors to cut up your loyalty card.
  • Pictures on your website may attract or repel the talent you are trying to recruit.
  • A movie parody on TikTok is just as likely to help sell a movie ticket as a review on Rotten Tomatoes.

The important lesson is that if you aren’t in tune with what your audience is seeing, feeling, believing, or perceiving, good luck getting them to try to take action.

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So, in this issue of The Measurement Advisor we glean the most salient lessons and experiences from the myriad experts and futurists who joined us at the Summit. We boil it all down to a few juicy bites of brilliance:

Also in this issue:

We hope you enjoy this issue, and the beginning of the holiday season. Happy measurement:

Image at top based on photos by PetoLenin on Pixabay, and by John Adams on Unsplash.

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