The First 5 Steps to Take to Become a Measurement Sherpa

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This article is part of The Measurement Advisor’s Special Issue on the Measurement Sherpa, an in-house data wrangler and measurement resource who organizes, queries, and gains insight from data. Our coverage follows the development of a Sherpa’s skill and experience, from newbie to pro, and is organized in three levels:

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Sherpa Level One: Getting Out of Base Camp

sherpa badge level 2Sherpa Level Two: Climbing the Mountain

sherpa badge level 3Sherpa Level Three: Peak Operations

Whether you’re at an agency or a company, a nonprofit or a conglomerate, here are some tips guaranteed to get you on the way to becoming a Sherpa and climbing to the top of Measurement Mountain.
1. Get comfortable with the topic.

  • Read at least three of the six books recommended for Sherpas.
  • Take our Measurement 101 course.

2. Research the research in your organization.

  • Find out what research is under way, understand it, know it, and look hard at the data.
  • Look around for a report about which other people have said, “I don’t get it,” or “What does this mean?” Dig into the data and add your own insight.

3. Find a pilot project to test your skills.

  • Find a project, launch, campaign, or event that can test your measurement acumen. Something that is measurable, not too far down the road, and can be done quickly with little investment.

4. Take a report and rewrite it so it’s better.

5. Do an internship for a measurement company. 

  • It may not pay a lot, but most measurement and research firms have an internship program. Try out the environment and see if you like it. If you do, you’re on your way to Sherpadom.

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