The Best of Measurement 2014 Awards

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It’s been a busy year for public relations and social media measurement, and so our Best of Measurement 2014 Awards has plenty of excitement. A big, big thanks to all who sent in nominations. And if you want a roundup of industry events, see: “The Measurement Industry’s Evil Empire?


Michael Ziviani’s presentation
at the IPR Measurement Summit: “Visualizing Value: From PR to Business Success.” You really had to be there to appreciate the strength of the animated visuals, but this pdf will give you the gist. It’s a wonderful visualization of measurement the way it’s supposed to be.

Mark W. McClennan
What Are the Nine Circles of PR Hell?”
We have to love this because it places AVEs firmly in the 8th circle of Hell.

IPR President and CEO Frank Oviatt
discusses the importance of pledging to uphold PR research standards.
Next time someone asks you about the standards, just play them this video.

Honorable Mention
The ROI of Social Selling infographic
at Priyanka Ravani’s “Isn’t This How You Measure Social Media ROI?
Our favorite line: “What’s the ROI of your mother?” Really. It’s a great take on showing the value of social media.

Honorable Mention
Jay Baer
Why It Might Be Time to Completely Change Your Social Media Strategy
Wherein shotguns and rifles are used to describe the problems of reach on social media. Tell me you’re not intrigued and even a little frightened.


CyberAlert’s 2014 Measurement Handbook
A three-part educational white paper on measurement in public relations, marketing, and social media. If you can’t afford our Measurement 101 Course, this is the next best way to learn everything you need to know about measurement.  

Jeffrey K. Rohrs’ Audience: Marketing in the age of subscribers, fans & followers
A look at how to use and treat social media accounts as the corporate assets they are. Not a lot about measurement, but some really good information.


Christopher Penn
at Shift Communications
The value of PR beyond marketing ROI” Some absolutely brilliant suggestions on how to calculate the value of social on trust and long term relationships as well as sales.

Hyoun Park
at CMSWire
ROI is the wrong tool to justify social investments.”An excellent explanation of why you probably don’t want to use ROI as a key metric.

Joerg Niessing
at INSEAD Knowledge
“Social Media and the Marketing Mix Model.” “Listening tools can only measure social ROI in the context of a more holistic marketing mix model.” Or, put more bluntly, sentiment is BS unless you can prove that it really impacts customer behavior. 

Honorable Mention
Jenna Pudelek at Civil Society Fundraising
The problems with ROI and the need for new rules.” Cutting fundraisers to improve ROI is a losing game.

Honorable Mention
Steve Farnsworth at the Stevology Blog
“Let’s Shoot The CEO: Is Pay For Placement PR A Brilliant Idea Or Acutely Ignorant?” Would it makes sense to pay a software engineer more for each line of code she wrote without taking into account if the program worked? Then why would the same logic make sense for PR?

Honorable Mention
Bob Garfield at Garfield at Large
When Is An Ad An Ad? Only Time Will Tell.” Is the backlash against native advertising really deserved?

Honorable Mention
Emily Steel
at The Connected Business
Marketers are all over the shop.” More than a third of web traffic may be fraudulent.

Honorable Mention
Bob Garfield
at Garfield at Large
A Voyage To Uranus.” It’s taken a long time for agencies to realize a change has been made in how people see and block ads.


TVEyes’ Clipping Service Protected By Fair Use Principles” A federal judge protects the right of monitoring services to use TV clippings. This news has huge ramifications for the industry because news monitoring services are critical to PR.

The New York Times
Magazines Get a Way to Measure Their Reach Across Media Platforms” “Continuing to rely on print circulation and ad paging to determine demand for magazine media would be like measuring the viewership of the Super Bowl exclusively based on the people who watched it in the stadium.”

Google Seeks Extra Credit With Latest Adwords Changes” Marketers wanted to show credit for their online advertising, and Google has come up with a way to give it to them.

Honorable Mention
The Social Graf
More Companies Monitoring Social Media for Adverse PR”  41% of companies are now monitoring for bad PR.



Return on Word of Mouth: A Landmark Study to Quantify the Value of WOM” The next time someone tells you “talk is cheap” you can tell them it drives 13% of consumer sales. This is the most thorough research we’ve seen on the actual revenue impact of Word of Mouth.


Mobile to Television: We Interrupt this broadcast (Again)” Phones and tablets have replaced TVs as the screen people stare at most often.

Harmony Institute

Zombies, Brains and tweets: the neural and emotional correlates of social media.” Using tweets, brain scans, and The Walking Dead to illustrate how to put a value on content.

Honorable Mention
David A. Schweidel and Wendy W. Moe

Listening In on Social Media: A Joint Model of Sentiment and Venue Format Choice.” Journal of Marketing Research: August 2014, Vol. 51, No. 4, pp. 387-402. “The results show that the inferences marketing researchers obtain from monitoring social media are dependent on where they ‘listen.’ ”


Arrivalist is both the name of the tool and the company that created it. Its patented technology can anonymously track the location of a user’s mobile device. With this they can not only know what people are looking up about a destination, but how many of those people then travel to that destination.

Silver (Tie)
Little Bird
Little Bird uses network analysis to create graphs showing the people with the largest, strongest network ties in your business. Little Bird reveals how you, your customers, and your competitors are connected with influencers on any relevant topic. See which insiders you should focus on engaging with and take advantage of missed opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise see. Most importantly, it isn’t just looking at Twitter or blog posts. It includes everything from Instagram to LinkedIn.

Silver (Tie)
TCAT can use Twitter data to measure the popularity and frequency of various hashtags and create minute-by-minute timelines of Twitter activity. More importantly, the TCAT system produces dynamic interactive network graphs that show how all these things are connected.


FCB NewZealand
NEW! Favourite Child Detector Determines Whom Mom And Dad Love More.” Because really, who hasn’t wondered?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Native Advertising. John Oliver skewers native advertising… and offers a hilarious solution. ∞

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