The 2020 Summit on the Future of Measurement—All of the Expertise and None of the Travel!

A session at a pre-pandemic Summit on the Future of Measurement.

The best measurement event of the year is going virtual! It’s the 2020 Summit on the Future of Communications Measurement. This October 6th through 8th the best minds in communications measurement will meet online to discuss their perspectives and best practices around measurement of the most important priorities for communicators today: Purpose, CSR, Diversity (D&I) and Corporate Advocacy.

This is not just another boring Zoom conference. It’s a lively exchange of ideas and experience among a small group of high-level communications professionals. Triumphs, pitfalls, best practices, and the wisdom of years in the trenches. This is the place to learn from pros who use metrics and data to continuously improve their organizations’ reputations.

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The pandemic-friendly 2020 Summit is two sessions each day over three days, followed by a virtual cocktail hour to close out the event. All conference sessions will be led by experts who have designed and implemented state-of-the-art communications measurement dashboards, and used their data to continuously improve their programs.

With attendance limited to 35 attendees, the conversations are intimate, providing unique insight into the trials and tribulations of implementing state-of-the-art communications measurement. You’ll get to hear the inside skinny from pros who regularly deliver best-in-class metrics and measurement dashboards to senior leadership.

Here’s a slideshow recap of 2018’s Summit:

Get all the 2020 Summit details here! Sign up today!

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