A Scrapbook of Photos from the 2017 Summit on the Future of Communications Measurement

Here is a scrapbook of photos from the 2017 Summit on the Future of Communications Measurement. Big thanks to photographers Katie Paine, Elizabeth Rector, and Bill Paarlberg.

Elizabeth Rector shows how she uses data to inform product managers at Cisco.


Johna Burke, of BurrellesLuce, Matt Nagel, of NYU, and Katie Paine, hostess of the Summit, on the deck and discussing the future.


Dr. Tony Janetos, Director of the Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future, and Professor of Earth and Environment at Boston University, gave the lead off talk at the Summit.


Caroline Roy from Mesure Média, Montréal.


The traditional lobster dinner after the Summit.


Katie Paine makes a comment.


Michael Ziviani, of Precise Value, speaks, Forrest Anderson, of Forrest W. Anderson Consulting, looks on.


Sam Ruchlewicz, of Warshawski, makes a point.


Keith Myers, from Summit sponsor Talkwalker, speaks while Forrest Anderson looks on.


Brian Piper, University of Rochester, and Laura Browne, of Covalent Bonds, discuss the future of comms measurement.


Johna Burke warms up. (Might be the first conference ever that offered a real wood fire in a granite fireplace as a backdrop.)


Katie Paine leads the discussion, with Laura Browne, Mary S. Miller, of Miller Communications, and Jackie Price, of End Game (l. to r.).


Mark Stouse, of Proof, proves his point.


Michael Ziviani makes a point while Katie Paine observes.


A conversation with Mary Miller.


Michael Ziviani gives an update on measurement model standards.


Jackie Price makes a point.


Kathy Ferguson makes sure the food measures up every year, and it just keeps getting better.


Jackie Price, Mark Stouse, and Michael Ziviani listen to Katie Paine.


Princess Leia wants to learn about metrics too! Matt Nagel of NYU takes her photo. ∞


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Bill Paarlberg is the Editor of The Measurement Advisor. He has been editing and writing about measurement for over 20 years. He was the development and copy editor for "Measuring the Networked Nonprofit" by Beth Kanter and Katie Paine, winner of the 2013 Terry McAdam Book Award.