How to Create a Budget Your Boss Will Love in 5 Easy Steps

By Katie Paine, CEO, Paine Publishing


For a lot of organizations, summer means budgeting. And for many of you, this dreadful task is the professional equivalent of final exams combined with a visit to the proctologist—and a migraine headache thrown in for good measure. Never mind the average PR or social media manager’s loathing of Excel spreadsheets. You’re now juggling the hopes and dreams of your department and staff with cold, hard accounting realities.


Fortunately for those of you who have good measurement systems in place, you have a superpower waiting to help: Your data. Here’s the short answer on how to use it:

  • Gather what data you have.
  • Rank your last years’ efforts, from Perfect Performance to “I’d never do that again.”
  • Factor in the resources each required, from Pain In The Ass (aka PITA) to Easy-Peasy.
  • Analyze the results, and create your 2016 budget accordingly.

So, don’t put off that dreaded budget session a minute longer. Once you’ve got it out of the way, you can go to the beach and enjoy summertime. Here are the details…

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