Your October 2020 Communications Measurement Reading List

A photo of many books, illustrating the idea of a communications measurement reading list.

There is always too much to read about communications measurement. Here’s the best of what’s come across our desks recently:

Industry news

Global merger between Cision and Meltwater could stir up Australian media montoring
Business Insider is quoting multiple sources as saying PR measurement giants Cision and Meltwater are planning to merge. Find out what it means for you.


Video: Dialpad Failed VoiceAI Auditions
Column Five Media
A very funny video of mishaps during AI sales robot auditions: “Finding the right robot wasn’t quite as easy as we thought.”

Content analysis in action

Nothing to see here, folks
“California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington are suffering from dangerous heat, wildfire and smoke unlike anything they’ve ever seen… But most of the major newspaper stories about the Labor Day Weekend from Hell don’t contain any climate-related information. Why?”

The 2020 State of the Election, Part V
Analyzing media coverage of the first presidential debate.

Fighting off fake news

Fake news propagates differently from real news even at early stages of spreading
“Given similar popularity scales, we find that fake news shows significant different topological features from real news. These novel topological features will enable us to design an efficient algorithm to distinguish between fake news and real news even shortly after their birth.” See immediately below for a summary article in PRNEWS.

How a Story Spreads Can Help PR Pros Spot Fake News
by Michael Burke at PRNEWS
A summary of the fake news research above.

10 Ways to Identify Disinformation – A Guide and Checklist
A guide and 10-point checklist to help people think before they link.

Quiz: Spot the Troll
Clemson University
“The quiz where you examine images of real social media content and decide whether it’s from a legitimate account or an internet troll.”

How Civil Society Can Combat Misinformation and Hate Speech Without Making It Worse
The 3Ds of Disinformation: Detect, Document, and Debunk

The data-driven journey

A Simple Framework to Appreciate Data-Driven Excellence
Sunita Menon on LinkedIn
“…for some it’s about the data… for some it is about the technology; some others are enamored by the apps or dashboards; some say it must be about the users and their culture; others think it’s about insights for the business; many think it is about measurements; and a few have a vision for data technologies to enable the ultimate purpose of the business it serves. They are all correct from their point of view.”

For data geeks only

The 10 Statistical Techniques Data Scientists Need to Master
“While having a strong coding ability is important, data science isn’t all about software engineering… Data scientists live at the intersection of coding, statistics, and critical thinking.”

Data Cleaning IS Analysis, Not Grunt Work. Also, most data cleaning articles suck
Randy Au at Counting Stuff
“The act of cleaning data imposes values/judgments/interpretations upon data intended to allow downstream analysis algorithms to function and give results. That’s exactly the same as doing data analysis. In fact, “cleaning” is just a spectrum of reusable data transformations on the path towards doing a full data analysis.”

COVID-19 requires additions to the dictionary and a new way to look at data

How COVID-19 is changing the English language
Fast Company
“One of the effects of the pandemic is that it’s brought previously obscure medical terms to the forefront of everyday speech — but it’s also created new words that we’ve never seen before.”

Why Coming Up With Effective Interventions To Address COVID-19 Is So Hard
“There are a lot of new studies to wade through. …it’s hard to know what to trust — and I say that as someone who makes a living researching what types of interventions motivate people to change their behaviors.”

Internal communications

The Ultimate Guide to Supporting WFH Employees
The Hustle
Ideas to support remote employees and keep them feeling and working their best.

Three Tips to Help Navigate Difficult PR Conversations
How to have the tough conversations with people who pay you. Have to give some bad news? Here are things to keep in mind when initiating a difficult discussion.

“If you’re not paying for it with money…”

(That heading is from a quote by Lee Tien: “If you’re not paying for it with money, you’re paying for it with data.”)

Why nobody ever wins the car at the mall
The Hustle
What happens when your personal information gets sucked into an endless marketing vortex?

Film: The Social Dilemma
How and why social media is damaging ourselves and society. Silicon Valley insiders reveal how social media is reprogramming civilization by exposing what’s hiding on the other side of your screen. Watch the preview here:

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