September 2019 Measurement Media Medley

Who has time to keep up with the busy world of measurement? Now you do! Or at least you can browse our list of this month’s most interesting reads:

Comscore, the internet’s traffic judge, settles fraud charges for $5 million
The Verge
The US Securities and Exchange Commission charged Comscore and its former CEO Serge Matta with fraud. They agreed to settle for $5.7 million, without admitting wrongdoing.

How To Handle An Outlier Poll
In theory, 1 in 20 polls should fall outside the margin of error as a result of chance. So when you encounter survey results that appear different from others, what should you do with that information?

Money Talks: Crisis Response Index
Hot Paper Lantern
Does a fast response beat out a good response?  A research agency attempts to provide an answer.

Agility PR Solutions Upgrades Media Monitoring
Yahoo Finance
Agility PR is one of the few companies that still provides human coding, and can customize their work to produce a bespoke Media Quality Score. We’re glad they gave their platform an upgrade.

53% of journalists surveyed weren’t sure they could spot flawed research
Journalist’s Resource
That’s awful. But the real question is: Can you and can your stakeholders?

The Signal Glossary: A handy guide to understanding PR and media intelligence jargon
We don’t agree with all of it, but it will help you get past the gobbledygook that most vendors spout in their marketing materials.

In Government Organizations, Refuting Rumors with Facts is Typically More Effective than Responding Emotionally
Institute for Public Relations
When a crisis strikes a government organization, refuting rumors and accusations with facts is more effective than expressing anger at the claims and describing them as unfair. But, for stakeholders that are not affected by a crisis, emotionally rejecting the accusations may be as effective as factual arguments.

Thanks for the photo to Ben White on Unsplash.

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