Organization Wanted to Test Internal Communication Measurement Standards

By Julie O’Neil—Is your organization available to help test the new internal communication measurement standards? You’d be assisting important research, plus your organization will receive valuable data on your employees. Read on…

In 2015, the Institute for Public Relations and the Commission on Research, Measurement, and Evaluation created an international 11-member task force comprised of academics and practitioners to promulgate the development of internal communication measurement standards. A standard is defined as a published specification in the public domain that provides a common language for comparison purposes (Institute for PR, 2013). The task force identified and defined possible standards for internal communication.

A research team then extended the global task force’s initial work by conducting a Delphi study in 2016 with a sample of 22 internal communication thought leaders to determine if a wider audience of internal communication practitioners agreed with the task force’s recommended standards and definitions. Two rounds of semi-structured interviews were conducted with the thought leaders. In Round 2, participants indicated overwhelming agreement for the revised and final list of proposed 22 internal communication standards. More details about this research and the proposed list of standards can be accessed here. Read a summary here.

The next phase of this research is to implement a survey composed of the questions to measure the 22 internal communication standards with a sample of employees. The reliability of the survey items will be assessed via statistics.

If you are interested in your organization (corporate or nonprofit) participating in this important research, please contact researcher Dr. Julie O’Neil at Participating organizations will receive analyzed employee data at no cost. No organization will be identified by name in the project, unless the organization would like to be recognized.

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Dr. Julie O’Neil is Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Professor of Strategic Communication at Texas Christian University.