Oh Goody! Let’s Celebrate a Whole MONTH of Measurement Hypocrisy

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We are always delighted when more attention and effort are focused on public relations and social media measurement. So when AMEC announced that last year’s Measurement Week would be expanded into Measurement Month—September 2015—we were thrilled, although a bit guarded in our enthusiasm…

Last year, when AMEC announced the first Measurement Week, The Conclave, and the IPR Measurement Commission launched a campaign to get organizations and practitioners to pledge to support the measurement standards that the IPR, The Conclave, The Coalition, and AMEC initiated. We didn’t expect everyone to become instantly standards-compliant, we just wanted people to endorse the standards and at least start working towards implementing them. The goal was to get 100 organizations to sign the pledge by the end of last September’s Measurement Week. We’re currently at 102. I’d like to think we could hit 200 by the end of  this year’s Measurement Month.

It is gratifying to see the list grow. But why do so many members of the AMEC and IPR boards still refuse to sign the pledge, even while aggressively using Measurement Month for self-promotion?


It is particularly ironic that neither Gorkana, the employer of the current Chairman of AMEC, nor Weber Shandwick, the employer of the person who’s idea Measurement Month was, have taken the pledge. Without AMEC supporting the standards pledge, AMEC Measurement Month seems more like AMEC Measurement Hypocrisy Month.

Below is an updated list of the organizations with representatives on the board of AMEC who have not pledged to support the very standards for measurement that AMEC helped to create. Also included is an updated list of the organizations who have pledged to support the standards.

Organizations with representatives on the board of AMEC who have not pledged to support measurement standards:


  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • BurrellesLuce
  • Cision
  • Ex Libris
  • Press Data
  • Gorkana
  • iSentia
  • Kantar Media
  • Custom Scoop
  • Media Miser
  • Meltwater
  • Precise Value
  • Pubistat


  • Accesso Group
  • L’Eco della Stampa
  • Fleishman Hilliard
  • Ketchum
  • Hill & Knowlton
  • Weber Shandwick
  • Burson-Marteller
  • Edelman
  • Ogilvy
  • Apco
  • Newton Media
  • Undertanding Expertise

Organizations with representatives on the board of AMEC who have pledged to support the standards:

  • Prime Research

The complete list of organizations and individuals who have pledged to support measurement standards (thank you for your support!):shutterstock_259432661

  1. Action Target Inc.
  2. Akhbar Rasmi
  3. Appalachian State University
  4. Associação Brasileira de Comunicação Empresarial
  5. Atlanta Daybook
  6. Avow
  7. Biddle Communications & Public Relations LLC
  8. BrandScore
  9. CARMA International
  10. Cercone Brown and Company
  11. City College of New York, Branding + Integrated Communications
  12. City College of New York, Media & Communication Arts
  13. Clea Public Relations India
  14. Cloos & Partner PR-Consultants
  15. Comms Clarity Consulting
  16. Communication AMMO, Inc.
  17. Converseon
  18. Council of Public Relations Firms
  19. CreatedByDesign
  20. CyberAlert LLC
  21. Daybook Network
  22. Dharkemmy Corporate Communications Ltd.
  23. Boineau & Company
  24. Encore Public Relations
  25. Expedition PR
  26. Fame 74
  27. FIRST Public Relations
  28. Forrest W. Anderson Consulting
  29. Friendly Connect
  30. Geddes Analytics LLC
  31. General Electric
  32. General Motors
  33. Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management
  34. Global Center for Beahvioural Health
  35. H&R Block
  36. Illinois State University
  37. Inner Spark Creative
  38. Institute for Public Relations
  39. International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communications (AMEC)
  40. Insigte
  41. Jackson Jackson & Wagner
  42. Kent State University
  43. Kim Waser, Independent Contractor, La Leela LLC
  44. Lands Commission, Ghana
  45. Likely Communication Strategies
  46. Madeira Public Relations
  47. Makovsky
  48. Manhyia Palace
  49. McDonald’s USA
  50. McMaster-Syracuse Master of Management Communication
  51. MediaStyle
  52. Media Evaluation Research
  53. Meridian – Media Evaluation
  54. MGA Communications, Inc.
  55. Mindful Reputation
  56. Ministry of Devolution and Planning Kenya
  57. National Research Institute for Chemical Technology – Zaria, Nigeria
  58. New York University
  59. Orange Lake Resorts
  60. O’Reilly DePalma
  61. Paine Publishing, LLC
  62. planetbain
  63. PNG Power Ltd. (Papua New Guinea)
  64. PR for Africa
  65. PRIME Research
  66. pressrelations
  67. Public Relations Society of America
  68. Puerto Rico Public Relations Professionals Association
  69. Pushing the Envelope, Inc.
  70. rbb Public Relations
  71. Repass & Partners, Inc.
  72. Research+Data Insights, Hill+Knowlton Strategies
  73. Reserve Officers Association of the United States
  74. RF|Binder
  75. Royal Dutch Shell
  76. S Paradigm Consultants
  77. Salience Insight
  78. SAS
  79. SeeDepth, Inc.
  80. Social Media Measurement Standards Conclave
  81. SocialTrk
  82. Soilleirich Communications Group
  83. Southwest Airlines
  84. SPR Atlanta
  85. Táctica & Estrategia Ltda. (Colombia)
  86. Texas Tech University
  87. Texas Tech Alumni Association
  88. The Holmes Report
  89. The Measurement Standard
  90. The Morton Arboretum
  91. The Wilbert Group
  92. Throughout the Line of Business Development
  93. Tunheim
  94. Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority
  95. Universal Information Services
  96. Universitas Dr. Soetomo Surabaya, Indonesia
  97. Universiti Sains Malaysia
  98. University of Central Florida
  99. University of Florida
  100. University of Florida, College of Journalism & Communications
  101. Wells Fargo & Company
  102. Zoetica Media


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